t-store scores


Last week’s thrift store scores brought in a whole lotta green…
vintage woven purse H&M green wool coat

1. The 3rd in my growing collection of these woven bags.
2. H&M dark green coat, in desperate need of an ironing!

j crew cardigan poloroid swinger camera

3. Poloroid Swinger camera for Brian’s collection.
4. J Crew apple green cardigan.

vintage corelle cat books

4. Vintage Corelle mugs.

And… all these books for $1 each!
5. Cat Catalog
6. Cat Watching (waaaaay better than bird watching, FYI!)
7. Coverless Amy Sedaris- I Like You

These books are packed with adorable pictures and answering all my questions like how does a cat manage to land on it’s feet? :)
flying catcat book

Have you seen Thursday’s new feature thrifted: by you? It’s awesome! And Mortimer Van Seek made an appearance! :)

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12 Responses to t-store scores

  1. MoMo says:

    As much as I’m a fan of the cheap clothing finds…..those books take the cake. Amy Sedaris AND cats! Um, yes please!

  2. What funny books you have found. Live the mugs by the way.

  3. chantilly says:

    ooh, i love that cardigan and the mugs!! i love finding j. crew in thrift stores… i’d never pay retail, but they’re such great quality for everyday-staple items.

  4. Miki says:

    Amazing finds, Lisa! ;) I’m in need of a coat like your green H&M. It’s starting to get chilly over here.

    Thanks a lot for the piece of advice on the hair issue ;).

    Hope you’re having fun!



  5. Those mugs are amazing!! Also love that woven bag.. not something you’d see everyday! Awesome finds. :)

  6. Oh & totally got freezing this week right!? That coat will come in so handy! Are you in the Phoenix area? I saw you’re back to school, at ASU?

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