T-Store Scores: Vacation Edition!


Here’s a story about a couple of vintage junkies on vacation. They were driving around Oregon, seeing the pretty sites when they happened upon a thrift store or two! (okay… it *may* have been 2 Goodwills, 2 St. Vinnies, and a few vintage stores for good measure) They couldn’t resist some new to them treasures and reasoned that they will figure out the logistics of getting it all in their suitcases later. No-one in their right mind could resist these goodies!
oregon thrifting
{yellow vintage school bag: the straps can be adjusted for a shoulder bag or backpack, “toy” accordion (it totally works and sounds awesome!), and an AMAZING vintage skirt deserving of it’s own post… coming soon!}

oregon thrifting
{vintage atlas & wallpaper for future crafting, 2 cameras for Brian, silk scarf, and a Pyrex mug!}

Okay, you probably have questions like “HELLOOOO, a roll of wallpaper? In a carry-on? That’s impossible!” Well, the heroes of this story managed to fit all of this in their carry-on bags and think they are pretty awesome for doing so! ;)

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  1. Becky B. says:

    Lisa! Thanks for the kind words on my blog — I’m so glad you commented so I could discover YOUR adorable blog. Excited to add you to my Google Reader!

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