t-store scores: retail therapy


This was well, one of those weeks. I needed some retail therapy so Brian and I hit up one of our favorite t-stores on Friday for some treasure hunting. My dreams came true when I stumbled upon this cute wrap skirt for only $3! I also got these shoes too, I couldn’t resist the bright yellow and for only another $3, why not?
handmade tulip skirt
These bags are perfect for a carry-on or a quick overnight trip. I am amassing a collection of them but it won’t be complete until I find yellow :) This was another $3 score!
vintage american tourister bag
My next find was a little more of an investment at $12, but I couldn’t refuse his regal stature. Meet Mortimer VanSeek in all of his painted glory. I’m pretty sure he’s an ancestor of the famous Lassie.
painted collie
Fun was had and spirits were lifted, and what do you know… my to-do list was waiting patiently for me when I got home.

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9 Responses to t-store scores: retail therapy

  1. Cerrisse Wood says:

    Love the blue skirt! I am now following you :)

  2. rae says:

    great finds! that collie painting especially! i’m REALLY jealous!

  3. chantilly says:

    ahhhh, omg that skirt is PERFECT. <3<3 i love tulips, and i love that color blue!

  4. Miki says:

    Awe, what an amazing find! And I love how you’ve paired it with those shoes and top! ;) I SO suck at matching colors and textures! :(

  5. lalafauxbois says:

    Thank you! It made for a happy thrifting day :)

  6. Oh wow! These are both so gorgeous! Congrats on the fab finds :) x

  7. glad u linked back to this : ) that skirt is perfect, so pretty!! love that bag too! is there even a bow on it? i never find any good ones like this & could def use one, lucky you! Oh, & have u thought of spray painting it? Rebecca from Manzanita did that w/ some cowboy boots & they looked amazing.

  8. Amanda A says:

    That skirt and bag are AMAZING finds, girl! Nice work! I love, love, love vintage travel bags because you can fit everything in there, and I usually do! :) I need to do a post on recent thrifting finds! This is a great reminder! I spent the whole weekend tagging for the sale, and wasn’t thinking about the blog much. But, alas, all is tagged and I am feeling pretty rock star about it! ;) xo

  9. Justina says:

    That bag cost you 3 dollars??
    I’m so jealous, I’ve been looking for that very same bag for quite a bit now and I could only find it in America and shipping it here where I live costs 46$!
    You’re so lucky… :)

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