t-store scores: gift edition


I thought I’d share a peek at the vintage gifts I received this year. A few years ago Brian and I started setting a $100 limit each on Christmas gifts. It helps us be more creative and helps with the gift craziness between both our families. I made out like a champ with some vintage goodies to add to my collections and all my gifts from Brian were used treasures so that’s a win for environmental impact too!
vintage leather bag owl walletvintage pyrex
A pull-down school map has been high on my thrifting wishlist and he found this one on Craig’s List for me.
pull down school map

The parents in law found this enamel jewelry set and bag… and, look! There’s a kitty!
vintage enamel brooch

I have an ever growing collection of vintage owl goodies and my brother in law found these owl wood holders for the fireplace. We have never used our fireplace and I’m embarrassed to say, it’s a place I never thought of decorating before!
owl fireplace wood holders

I didn’t make a lot of gifts this year, just for the nephews. We screenprinted this tee for the 2 year old and I made a blanket for the newborn. I’m sure the boys were not thrilled at all with these prezzies, so I guess they were more for the parents :)
handmade gifts

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9 Responses to t-store scores: gift edition

  1. Jenna says:

    My oh my! Look at that loot! So many fabulous things one one place!

  2. Miki says:

    What a great idea it is to set a limit on the money you spend on gifts! I am not used to exchanging gifts, so I was totally not prepared this year. We ended up buying last minute presents just for 5 people and spent more than we’d have liked! I think we’ll have to set a limit for next year and start getting vintage goodies early!

    I think the tee you screenprinted and the blanket look awesome! ;D

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  3. chantilly says:

    !!! the owl wallet and purse! i’m in love, and you’re a lucky girl :)

  4. Really nice things, especially those owl fireplace decorations!

    Loulou Downtown

  5. Oh, lucky you!! What awesome gifts. I’m especially in love with the owl wood holders for the fireplace and the pull-down map – they are so cool!

  6. AAAAAHH that map is the coolest!! How sweet!!

    Superstition Vintage

  7. Cosmia says:

    Super cute! I love handmade gifts, I hardly ever receive them though. You got some lovely things!

  8. Evon Hart says:

    I love the map and I want one!!!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      I’m pretty excited about it! Brian got it on Craig’s List so you should check there. They aren’t easy to find but I’ll let you know if I ever come across one!

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