t-store scores- estate sale edition…


This week Brian and I hit up a few estate sales, which are so different than thrifting. I love thrift stores because I can casually walk around and buy what I want, but estate sales are cool because you get to go through someone’s house and look through stuff. It can be kind of stressful though! Waiting in line before it opens, looking around to see who’s probably after the same stuff, and seeing people carrying around something I would’ve bought… it’s enough to give me anxiety :)

Here’s some of the stuff I found this week:

Here’s the silver tuna of scores. I’m so excited about this box of Pyrex casserole dishes! They all still have their lids and luster and no chips or scratches! Now I just need to reconfigure my Pyrex display to somehow find room for them…

vintage pyrex casserole dishes

I also picked up a box of vintage ephemera, some previously mailed and some brand new. There are a bunch of old envelopes and postcards, I especially love the old airmail envelopes. I also couldn’t resist a box of birds to add to my collection, one of the owls even plays music.

vintage epherma

I love trying out different classic cocktails and it’s even more fun when you are armed with tools :) We picked up some old bar ware at one of the sales, I really like the silver pour spouts.

vintage bar ware

I’m really excited about this patio furniture and it’s going to be perfect for some backyard mojitos!

vintage patio furniture

I also got some clothes but they need to be cleaned up and repaired, so I will wait for an outfit post to share. One of the sales had the BIGGEST collection of vintage clothes I’ve ever seen outside a shop! Unfortunately, I was in the backyard when they brought it out front and it was ravaged before I could get to it. Sad story, I know :(

A few vintage shop owners got to it first and watching them sort through their enormous pile of dresses on the yard was heartbreaking. Okay, that’s an exaggeration and I’m really happy for them. I’ll just keep telling myself that…

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9 Responses to t-store scores- estate sale edition…

  1. Wow! Great finds! I’m in love with the yellow patio furniture! That is so sad that you didn’t get your hands on the vintage clothing! It’s so heartbreaking when I see other people holding on to something that I totally would have gotten!! :( Your scored big with all these cool things, anyway! Nice work!

    xx Adrian

  2. Miki says:

    Wow, Lisa! That Pyrex collection is amazing and I am literally drooling over your ephemera, haha! :p I want to go through every single envelope; such a great treasure!

    I’m sorry about the clothes, though :/. Maybe you can snap some dresses at the vintage shops whose owners bought the piles of clothes ;).

    Hugs! ;D

  3. The pyrex! The patio furniture! I’m feeling a bit heartbroken and jealous myself.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Woah, this is a pretty epic sale! :) I’ve never seen so much pretty pyrex come from one house. And the patio furniture!!!

    Was there any hyperventilating going on? :)

  5. Amanda A says:

    That is *amazing*! What a score! Those Pyrex are a definite find, darlin! Happy for you! (And a wee bit jealous! hah!)

  6. Kendall says:

    You got some great stuff! I haven’t found an estate sale that hasn’t been full of stuffy embellished antique furniture. I need to find where they hide the pyrex around here lol

  7. Did you know the other people there or how did ya know they were vintage store owners? that really is a shame though but you found some amazing stuff at least, and have alerted me to where to find pyrex, I’ve had zero luck ever thrifting any and had to buy some glass containers new. also those lawn chairs are beautiful!

  8. audrey says:

    the turquoise walls that were back drop for the pryex dishes are fabulous,i love turquoise, what kind of wall paint is that ( home depot loews etc. who is the mangf? ie Beher etc and what is called? i love that color! and your pyrex score? wonderful!!!

  9. Linda Salyer says:

    Would you be willing to share what you paid for the yellow patio furniture. I have a similar set plus a table and four chairs that I’d like to sell.

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