t-store scores: a typical work outfit


I feel so lucky to work in a family owned restaurant where we can wear what we want. Each of us definitely has our own style and it’s cool to be able to express that. This is a common winter work outfit recipe for me- tights, dress, comfortable shoes, and layers because it can get really hot when we’re busy!

h&m green coat yellow tights

This is a mix of new and thrifted pieces, my favorite being this coat from Savers. The brooch was from my Grandma, she found it at a yard sale and there’s a loop on the back to wear it as a necklace too!
h & m green coat vintage brooch
crocheted tunic

This crocheted tunic and woven belt are two recent thrift store scores.
thrift store woven belt

coat, crocheted tunic, belt, scarf: thrifted
brooch: vintage gift
black dress, tights: H&M
shoes: Dansko clogs
earrings: Etsy shop Anthem

I’ve had lots of jobs with uniforms and ones that you can wear what you want, but never one where I had to dress in business attire. I think I would totally fail, I don’t know the first thing about a power suit or how to walk in heels all day!

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18 Responses to t-store scores: a typical work outfit

  1. Jenna says:

    That coat is sooo great! I love the color and the fit of it is amazing. What a great find! The crochet top has such a gorgeous vintage feel to it. You are very lucky to work at a place that you can be “you” when it comes to your clothing!

  2. Kara says:

    You are so good with the ensembles. And I am a sucker for yellow tights!

  3. Love the outfit. The brooch looks like it might be a Sarah Coventry one. I have one similar but with red and dusky pink roses, it also doubles as a necklace as well.

  4. Miki says:

    I love your outfit! ;)

    Hope you’re getting ready to have a fab weekend! ;D


  5. chantilly says:

    you thrifted that coat?? ooh, lucky! and i agree about being able to wear what you want to work. it’s such a relief.

  6. Meg says:

    the tunic over the dress is a super cute idea! i worked at corporate-owned Perkins’ Restaurants for 5+ years and wore a really ugly uniform… so I was always jealous restaurants that didn’t require “uniforms.”

    • lalafauxbois says:

      I worked at Blockbuster and Hollywood video for over 6 years so I’ve been there with the really ugly corporate uniforms!! :)

  7. allison says:

    i just got a pair of mustard colored tights like that, i love them! they look totally amazing with your outfit :)

  8. MoMo says:

    That outfit is freakin’ amazing. I am in love with it. The tights really make it special.
    Also, I constantly wonder if I would be able to adjust to a power suit job….there is no way I could adjust to heels everyday though.

  9. Suzanne says:


    Your outfits always look so naturally “thrown together” like you just wake up and accidenally look stylish. Love that! I too work for our family business which is sans the traditional “business” dress code. And it would be harder than I want to think about to give that up! :)

  10. lalafauxbois says:

    Thank you guys! I’ve been kinda obsessed with the yellow tights lately :)

  11. I love the green coat! Great find!! I work in a professional office so there are some restrictions to my work clothes. I enjoy wearing skirts & dresses, but it kind of sucks having to cover up my tattoos sometimes…especially in the summer when I have to wear a cardigan EVERYDAY!!


  12. carly says:

    you look SO great. this outfit is lovely.

    also, you won the giveaway for the holiday cards on my blog!! send me an email at dear.love@live.ca and we’ll get them shipped out too, hopefully in time for christmas!!

  13. Ana says:

    Oh your hair style is so cute!!!Love it!:D

  14. JennyOH says:

    I am curious about your headscarf! Did you do the rosette yourself or did it come that way? Is it fixed or something you knot every time?

    That coat is awesome, by the way! Love the green. I found an Italian wool/cashmere coat at my favourite thrift store (on the half-off rack, too!) recently and it totally made my day.

    • lalafauxbois says:

      It’s a way to tie the scarf on, the longer the scarf the better. I should do a tutorial because I’m having a hard time explaining it :) You basically twist the ends together and keep twisting until it wraps up in a flower shape. Then I use a bobby pin to secure the end. Hope that makes sense!

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