an outfit brought to you by Etsy


This outfit is comprised of some of my favorite Etsy purchases. Etsy is a constant source of inspiration and of course, temptation!

outfit brought to you by Etsy
The necklace is from A Common Thread and was my celebratory purchase after I made my first sale! I love this shop, it is full of so many great necklaces and I also own one of their crochet bib collars. The vintage shoes were the reward from my second sale… I like to treat myself at milestone markers :) I bought them from My Favorite Plum, which has a lot of great vintage. The dress is from The Vintage Cauldron, and I bought this just because it’s awesome! My favorite accessory this summer has been my treasured bird brooch, handmade by Lucie Ellen. I’ve been wearing it a ton, and of course getting a lot of “put a bird on it!” comments :)

put a bird on it

Well, I’m off to do some more “browsing”… :)

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2 Responses to an outfit brought to you by Etsy

  1. Brian says:

    You’re cute!

  2. that dress is lovely & the shoes are amazing too. I can bet those sales sure weren’t to Phx in August ; )

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