Virginia is for lovers…


Did I ever think I would be going to a goat farm in Virginia for a wedding? No. When a bunch of your friends start moving to DC, this totally becomes a possibility. An awesome possibility. When a bunch of Ehren and Julie’s friends fly in from all over the country (and Switzerland!) a lot of eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, and hat wearing is going to happen. We spent the weekend in Luray, which is a country town in the Shenandoah Valley, full of historic buildings and home of the Luray Caverns.

brick wall When your dress matches the doors, you just have to take a picture.

There were lots of murals in town to pose with…
brian luray mural

The wedding was at the beautiful Khimaira Farm. They had a farm kitty who likes to party…
farm kitty

There were porch swings and home brew– made by the bride and groom and named after their dog… so cute!
porch swing home brew

Just for fun, they encouraged hats at the wedding and many were happy to oblige.

There were fancy hats…
fancy hat

and classy hats…
classy hats
southern belles

homemade hats…
brian lisa ehren's wedding

a top hat…
ehren and julie ceremony

What’s a wedding without a chili cook-off winner?
john's chef hat
Of course there was a miner’s helmet, this town is home to amazing caves!
luray caverns miner hat

We were even lucky enough to catch sunset on our flights to and from DC!
sunset from airplane

P.S. If you live in Arizona, humidity is weird. Especially when it’s not even hot. Like you unpack your suitcase and realize your clothes aren’t totally dry. Very weird.

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18 Responses to Virginia is for lovers…

  1. MoMo says:

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Virginia is such a versatile place for weddings.

  2. Kat says:

    I love your little hat! Did you use a pattern for that? I would love a tutorial. It would make a great hat for Melbourne Cup.

  3. Miki says:

    Hi, Lisa! Nice to meet you! I’ve just seen your guest post over at Chantilly’s blog and had to come and say hi here, too, hehe.

    Lovely pics and blog! Hope you’ve started the week off with a big smile! ;D


  4. Miss Lou says:

    Lovely polka dot dress, I also loved your guest post over Chantilly’s blog :)

  5. Jenn says:

    That’s so crazy that you were in Luray. VA this weekend! The caverns were a big hit when I was younger and I’ve always wanted to go back since it’s been…oh say 15 years since I went last?

    But I’m glad you enjoyed the weekend in VA – the country is beautiful! And thanks for checking out Rikki’s Refuge…they are such an amazing group and I can’t wait to raise a lot of money for them :)


  6. You look adorable! And if that’s your man? He’s his own brand of adorable. What a fun wedding! You guys look great – and happy.

  7. Jess says:

    i live in harrisonburg, va! about 40 minutes south of luray. how fun!

  8. chloe says:

    Your outfits are all so cute! Just found your blog! I am now following!

  9. Hi there! Just came across your blog. Thanks so much for posting your pictures from Ehren and Julie’s wedding here at Khimaira Farm! If you are ever back in our area, do come by and visit again!

  10. Katie says:

    As a Virginian, I couldn’t help but laugh at your humidity comment. I’ve lived here my whole life and still haven’t gotten used to it! Styling your hair in the summer is a lost cause. :)

    I’m really enjoying your blog! Keep on keepin’ on!

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