Road Trippin’


Mercury Comet

One thing I’ve enjoyed about living in Arizona the past 10 years is checking out the funky little towns around the state.  There is such a rich history here of the “wild west” and it’s really preserved in a lot of our old mining towns.  One place I had wanted to see for awhile now is Bisbee.

Brian and I celebrated our anniversary in March and decided that is where we would go.  Yay, road trip during my favorite month!  We packed up the ’63 Comet since the weather was perrrrrrfect for a ride with no AC, and made the 3+ hour cruise south.  This town is SO cool!  Funky, liberal, artsy town?   Check!  Abundance of local restaurants, shops, and bars?  Check!  Preserved old buildings & haunted hotels?  Check!  Ditching the car at the hotel and walking the ENTIRE weekend?  Icing on the cake!  We balanced out the over-indulgence of food, coffee drinks, and locally brewed beers with lots of walking.  We spent hours wandering through the hills of concrete steps checking out the amazing living spaces.  Coming from the flat grids of Phoenix, it was fun to imagine living in one of the crazily painted houses built into a hill covered with crazy art.  We took rolls and rolls of film and some digi & phone pics too, never lacking in stuff to snap in this town!

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2 Responses to Road Trippin’

  1. Kayla says:

    I love taking road trips especially in Arizona. I have never been to Bisbee it looks gorgeous and SMALL. I recently took a trip to Payson and got side tracked through Jerome. Jerome has this creepy essence about it. Everything is so old, the streets are narrow and frightening. I loved it!

  2. lalafauxbois says:

    Jerome is awesome! I haven’t been in a couple of years but I’ve been wanting to go back. I stayed at the Jerome Grand Hotel which used to be a hospital and is now haunted, super creepy!

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