photo booth: wine bottling…


Saturday night some friends invited us to help bottle wine they had made nine months back, that had been aged to perfection. Or at least close enough. They made it at a wine shop that helps you with all the steps and provides the ingredients.

We sanitized the bottles, filled ‘em up, corked them, put the foils on with a heat coil, and adhered the labels our friends designed for their brand.
wine bottlingwine bottlingwine bottlingwine bottlingwine bottlingwine bottling

I’m a fan of drinking wine, but despite working in wine bars for the past 8 years, don’t know a whole lot about it. I really enjoy learning about the behind the scenes of wine making more than about the wine itself. Weird, I know.

Seeing a scaled back version of the bottling process was really cool! My best friend (Hi, Ellan!) lives in Italy and worked in a winery for about 6 years. While visiting her we have gotten tours of the winery and I love seeing the barrels of aging wine and learning about the agriculture of the grapes. She and I also did a whirlwind weekend in Napa/ Sonoma years ago that included a lot of tours of the properties, as well as the tastings.

I really want to tour a brewery sometime soon! Is there a behind the scenes tour you’ve taken that was really cool?

Also this weekend I…
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