Hot Air Balloon Ride


We went for a hot air balloon ride back in May and it was so awesome! We were lucky to go with just one other couple and I loved them right of the bat because they had cute British accents. :) There were about 10 balloons taking off around the same time and it was fun to imagine that being your job and getting to start every day that way!


We had to get up super early, hence the tired faces, but it was so beautiful to see them inflate the balloons as the sun was rising over the desert.

before take-off

Hot air balloons make everyone happy! It was so fun to see people on their morning commute pulling over to wave and take pictures.

balloons over the desert

After the flight we toasted with the traditional post-flight champagne. The pilot was nice enough to keep refilling our glasses and we had to keep up with the Brits so I was ready for a nap by 9am :) It was an amazing experience that I hope to do again someday!

after landing

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