A trip to Austin, y’all



Austin has long been high on my list of must-see places and after spending 5 days there over New Year’s, it’s definitely one of my favorite cities. People have always told me that I would love it, and they were right. So many vintage stores, amazing food trucks and restaurants, a river through the center, people watching, and unique neighborhoods. Plus it’s a type-lover’s paradise! So many photogenic signs.

Some of our closest friends we met while they were biology PHD students here in Arizona. Over the past few years, they’ve gotten professor positions and are now spread out around the country. Some of them had a conference in Austin right after New Year’s and it was decided that it would be the perfect time for a reunion. As much as seeing the city was amazing, nothing could beat catching up with great friends!!

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I sure do miss seeing these guys on a regular basis and I wish that so many of my closest friends didn’t live so far away! But it’s also great to know that some friendships are built to stand the test of time and distance, and it’s worth every ounce of effort to stay in touch and plan visits!

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8 Responses to A trip to Austin, y’all

  1. Amanda says:

    Looks like you guys had such a great time. I’ve only been to Austin once and it was when I was super little so I hardly remember it. All these photos make me really want to go and check it out again sometime soon!

  2. What a wonderful post Lisa!! I absolutely love how you took pictures of so many different signs, they are awesome and something I admittedly, completely overlooked. also, i’m glad you were well bundled, i don’t feel so dumb haha. you look adorable and i love that coat color and extra love how you and your friends stayed in such great touch!

  3. Kristian says:

    Seems like an amazing trip! Austin looks so fun :D

  4. Ellie says:

    How fun! I’ve been wanting to go to Austin for a while. Everyone tells me its like Portland but with hot weather haha. That’s super cool that you got to go with a bunch of friends. Sounds like a great trip. And that Gordough’s sign is great.

  5. nicole s. says:

    this is my hood! i’m so glad you had a blast. being a native austinite, it’ll always be a little silly to me when other people post pictures of places i pass by every day, but it’s 500% awesome and other people celebrating my favorite city on the planet makes me so happy! i hope you filled up on lots of queso and breakfast tacos while you were here!

  6. chantilly says:

    omg, i loved austin when i went! so jealous you got to go!! looks like fun though :))

  7. Cara-Mia says:

    Amazing!!! Austin is high on my list too. Hoping to be able to go in 2014.

  8. Miki says:

    Oh, my! So many awesome signs! And you guys seemed to have had a blast there! I’ve always wanted to visit Texas; I’ve only been to Dallas’ airport twice, hehe.

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