a mini trip- Tucson


Our 2-year wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks and we celebrated a little early by going down to Tucson last Saturday night. It’s under a 2 hour drive and one of our favorite little getaways.

Hotel Congress Tucson

We stayed at Hotel Congress which is seriously one of my favorite hotels ever. It’s a historic hotel with old-west charm, the friendliest staff, super comfy beds, and has fun bars & a yummy restaurant on-site. We’ve even spent a few of the best New Year’s Eves here, with about 15-20 of us making the trip from PHX.

hotel congress tucson
hotel congress tucson

The trip was spurred by my anniversary gift to Brian, tickets to see John Hodgman at the Rialto Theatre across the street from the hotel. We are both big fans so it was kinda a gift to me/from me too :)

rialto theatre

One of the fun parts about seeing a show at this theatre is that the act seems to usually be staying at Hotel Congress also. We ended up meeting John Hodgman outside our room before the show AND hung out with him and his co-act John Roderick after! Such a fun night and it couldn’t have gone more perfectly!

john hodgman tucson

After the show, he did a book signing, but since we forgot our books at home, he signed polaroids that we each took with him. Brian even took a couple of the John’s for them to keep.

john hodgman tucson
john hodgman tucson

Can I please live in the Hotel Congress?

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6 Responses to a mini trip- Tucson

  1. carly says:

    I tagged you in my recent ’11 things’ post :) I hope you participate :)

  2. hey- thought I’d respond here too just in case: I think I mostly talked about it in my vday post but maybe didn’t say she was our host student, cant remember but right now we have two guys! & thx for your support! Sugar used to be my biggest vice ever too, I could eat ice cream EVERY day in a row.
    and now to your post- yippee for getting out of town! actually I’ve been thinking I just need to get out on a day trip & that’ll majorly help my stress. looks like you two had a great time, so sweet of your man to surprise you w/ the tickets!

  3. Congratulations! Looks like you two had a great anniversary!

    xx Adrian

  4. Ashley says:

    How fun! It looks like an awesome place to go and I’m pretty jealous that you got to go see him, too. ;)

    ashley / afterninetofive.net

  5. Miki says:

    Happy anniversary, Lisa! You guys are both so cute! And I’d totally like to stay in such a hotel! It sounds like an experience on itself, aside from visiting the place :).

    Happy Wednesday! :D

  6. Rachel says:

    Boy I miss Tucson! Happy Anniversary you love birds!

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