a mini getaway…


The week before Christmas, Brian’s brother was in town from Nashville so the parents took us on a little getaway to Palm Springs. It’s only a four hour drive from Phoenix and boasts one of the biggest collections of mid-century homes.

This area of California is super windy and is home to the San Gorgonio Wind Farm- a familiar site to anyone who’s ever driven from Phoenix to L.A.
palm springs windmills

We stayed in Desert Hot Springs at a hotel with a bunch of pools and hot tubs built around the natural hot springs, all varying temperatures. This hotel sports mid century architecture and a lot of… vintage charm.
desert hot springsdesert hot springsdesert hot springs

I was hoping to hit the thrifting jack pot but no such luck. There are so many collectors and dealers in the area, it’s hard for a tourist to strike gold. We visited some beautifully curated vintage shops resembling mid century museums. I should’ve taken more pictures, but I was awestruck by all the amazing furniture in perfect condition (and 4-digit price tags!). If you want to kill a few hours, google Palm Springs mid century architecture for some eye candy.

Close to the California border in Quartzsite, there is a flea market run by the snowbirds (AZ slang for retirees) flocking from the mid west for winter. That is where I had some luck, picking up some Pyrex for my collection that is getting a little out of hand.palm springs instagram

One good thing about living in Arizona is the proximity to Southern California destinations for a little weekend trips.

Do you have any favorite spots for mini getaways?

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7 Responses to a mini getaway…

  1. chantilly says:

    that first picture is absolutely stunning. wish i could go there!

    and i’m jealous of all your pyrex scores… so much goodness!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Looks awesome! I haven’t been to Palm Springs since *way* before I had any interest in mid-century anything. I’d love to go back sometime soon!

    Glad you at least could bring home some pyrex. :)

  3. Drew says:

    That first picture is beautiful! lovely green jacket too!

  4. That first pictures is amazing, sounds like such an awesome place! Did you get to see the natural springs as well? (Not like jacuzzis are ever bad : ) Lucky you w/ that pyrex, I keep searching & searching to no avail. Glad you had a fun family trip. Hope you had a great New Years too : )

  5. Oh & love those combat boots, super cute & that coat color is great- perfect on you!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      Thank you! We didn’t have much time and didn’t make it to natural hot springs, although our hotel said the water was from them. Happy new year to you as well!

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