a mini getaway: Oregon


I’m back from my mini vacation to Oregon and feeling back in the swing of things. I always feel like I need a few days to recover from vacation- even if the trip was only a few days long. What is wrong with me?? :)

Here are some snapshots from my trip:

foster lake oregonoregon vacation

Oregon is so beautiful and I love being able to go back to visit during the summers when the weather is perfect. It was a nice break with days topping out in the low 80’s and I came back to temps around 115 in Phoenix!

I went to my favorite vintage store in Eugene, it’s a must whenever I’m in town. This time I met one of the owners, who was super sweet. We’ve chatted on Twitter but never met in person until this visit. I got some fun new-to-me clothes as an early birthday present from my mom (thanks, mom!!) that I’ll share on here soon.

oak street vintage

Getting to see my nephews only once or twice a year means they change SO much each time! It’s so cool to see their personalities develop. I have NO experience around kids (I’ve never even changed a diaper!), so it’s such a new experience for me :)

my nephews! :)my nephews! :)

There’s so much I appreciate about Oregon now that I totally took for granted as a kid. I think I just had a hard time looking past those grey skies… Do you feel that way about where you grew up?

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11 Responses to a mini getaway: Oregon

  1. Jupe says:

    Very cute pics! Look at those big puppy dog eyes.

    <3 Cambria

  2. Cb says:

    I feel the same way when i go on vacation. I want to spend more time in oregon, i have only driven thru it. I hope one day to go to portland. I love that picture of the daisies! I may use that for inspiration for a new design i am working on!

  3. Suzanne says:

    What a beautiful place, Lisa! And your nephews are the cuuuuuutest. :)

  4. Cara-Mia says:

    Lovely! I haven’t been to Oregon since I was a child and my dad took us. He has such a soft spot for that state since he lived there for a while and loved it.

    Your nephews are SO cute! (And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has never ever changed a diaper.)

  5. Sapir says:

    Wow, Oregon is beautiful!!
    And don’t worry your not the only one who’s never changed a diaper…or needs recooperation time after a vacation haha

  6. Erin says:

    It’s funny, I do feel that way about Toronto now that I’ve moved away. I’m not even so far (only about 2 hours away), but it’s really cemented for me that Toronto really is my home, and is the place I always want to come back to, even if I have to work jobs elsewhere, as this industry goes. These pictures of Oregon are so stunning though, I think it’s a lot like Ontario in the variation of its landscape, though you’re lucky to be so close to the pacific! I’ve only ever been to California once, 11 years ago, and haven’t got any experience with the west coast besides that, but you are making me so badly want to take my vacation down that way come October!


  7. Nicole says:

    Your photos are beautiful! So glad you had such a wonderful getaway! I think a few extra days off at home should come with taking any type of vacation. They are always necessary. :)

  8. Miki says:

    Hi, Lisa! It’s great to know you’re back! :D Oregon seems such a lovely place to visit and live in!

    And your nephews are SO freaking adorable! Btw, I’ve never changed a diaper either, haha.

    Have an awesome day! ;D

  9. Arielle says:

    I’ve been wanting to move to Oregon for years! Not near Portland(where everyone does for some reason) but around Coos Bay or Bandon. I love grey skies, rain, and gloomy weather haha. But yeah, I think everyone takes their hometown/state for granted.

  10. Noelle Marie says:

    I’m glad you had such a good trip; I actually live in Eugene, less than a block away from Oak Street Vintage! Crazy! I have the most beautiful 1960’s green glass blender from there.

  11. I definitely took the AZ nature for granted growing up so I guess that just goes w/ age. But, wow, you grew up in an incredible place, look at all that green forest!! Love the pic w/ your family, the nephews are heart breakers!

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