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around the house- a wish list


I’m in one of those phases where I would like to make some changes around the house, but since ripping up the floors and reupholstering furniture don’t come cheap, I’m looking at some colorful accessories to shake things up. Most of the furniture and decor in our house is vintage, and although I love the thrill of the hunt, sometimes it’s fun to freshen up the space with some modern touches.

Here’s a few things I have my eye on that are way more fun than the vacuum we just had to buy ;)

houseware wish list

1// You can never have too many throw pillows and I love the animal print cushions from Argos

2// Maybe I would get more into cooking with some bright utensils? These painted, bamboo serving spoons from Storiebrooke may do the trick…

3// Plants must have a death wish when they come home with me- yes, even succulents. But I keep trying, determined to one day overcome my black thumb. These porcelain hanging planters from L & M Studio would be pretty to look at, even when I’m between greenery…

4// I must still have vintage trailers on the brain from our getaway last weekend, because I’m eyeing these tea towels from Oh, Little Rabbit as a temporary substitute…

Have you been getting the itch to redecorate?

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