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Primary Colors



Here I am, with another windy-day outfit post. I feel like it looks like I’m showing off my Elaine style dance moves in these pics.

Speaking of dancing- I have recently become obsessed with Zumba. After hearing Dus talk about going, I finally decided to give it a shot a couple months ago. Last week I upped it from 1 to 3 times per week because I’m totally hooked. I love dancing, but after seeing my serious lack of coordination in these classes, will finally admit that I’m not necessary good at it. :) I’m not one to be into exercising- I always considered working in busy restaurants my cardio (haha!). But it’s super fun and it feels good to have something active that I actually look forward to, especially now that I sit at a desk all day.


top: vintage- GROWop (also worn here)
skirt: thrifted (Jason Wu for Target)
scarf: thrifted vintage
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

What to wear primary colors

I finally splurged on a pair of Swedish Hasbeens, and lemme tell you- I’m hooked. I went with the low platform so I could get more wear out of them this summer, but I’ve already been dreaming of other styles I want. The ol’ shoe addiction. It’s BAD.

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What to Wear: accessories


what to wear

It’s funny that on the day we’re supposed to highlight our love for accessories, I post one of my least accessorized outfits. But hear me out. I decided to spotlight one of my favorite accessories- the scarf. There’s never a shortage of pretty scarves at the thrift stores, and I love turning to them for an extra pop of color and pattern to an outfit. This especially comes in handy in the summer when layers are out of the questions and ponytails happen almost every day.


And while we’re on the subject of accessories, I’ve added some new jewelry to the shop, like these mineral and shape necklace. I think it’s a good time for a spring sale, don’t you? Take 20% off through Sunday with the code SPRING20!

I’m also over on Flock Together styling up Jessica’s amazing space skirt. You may have noticed we took a little break in March, but now we are back, feeling refreshed, and swapping away.

As always, if you want to join in on the link-up fun, head over to Gypsy in Jasper to show off your accessories, Nicole did a fun round up of her faves!

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What to Wear: favorite cardigan


what to wear

The What to Wear prompt this week was “favorite cardigan”- easy, right? WRONG. My tried and true BFFs are all in my cardigan collection, because, let’s be real- girls run cold. Leave the house without a cardi? Chances are a panic attack will ensue. Even during AZ summer? Especially during the AZ summer, because businesses run the ac like it’s going out of style. Like I’m talking a literal 40° drop in temperature from outside to inside.

The best solution I could come up with was a round up of some of my favorite cardigans- from the everyday to the more adorned, plain & simple to DIY embellishments.



What to Wear Christmas dinner
favorite cardigan

favorite cardigan

1// thrifted J Crew
2// Anthropologie via ebay
3// vintage- estate sale
4// Anthropologie
5// DIY cat elbow patches
6// thrifted
7// DIY collar, trim, & buttons

Today is our anniversary and also the first day of spring. Don’t tell the rest of the internet, but spring is my favorite season. I feel like them’s fightin’ words with Team Fall, but nothing beats the smell of citrus blossoms and warm days + cool nights in my book.

Want to share your favorite cardigan, or maybe a collection? Link up over at Gypsy in Jasper!

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What to Wear: 100% thrifted


what to wear

Today’s What to Wear prompt of 100% thrifted was a pretty easy one for me, as I often find my outfits are made up of at least half thrifted or vintage pieces. After I took these photos, I realized that my entire outfit (minus the socks…) is 2nd hand, but not necessarily thrifted- hope that wasn’t cheating!

2nd hand outfit

Brian recently came home with this cape for me that he found at an estate sale. Seeing that we’ve had a crazy warm winter, I haven’t had much time to wear it, except for the occasional evening. But I’m in love. I generally have a weakness for vintage crocheted/knitted items, and the brighter the better! Since I spent so many years knitting myself, I definitely have an appreciation for how long something takes, because even most of the smaller projects lose my attention these days.



dress: thrifted
cape: vintage- estate sale
boots & necklace: vintage store


Want to show off your 100% thrifted outfits? Join the party and link up over at Gypsy in Jasper!

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What to Wear: Valentine’s Day


what to wear

It’s time for another round of What to Wear and this week we’re getting a head start on the ol’ Valentine’s Day looks. We don’t celebrate it around here, but don’t go thinking I’m a scrooge about love or holidays. I think any excuse to celebrate something can be pretty fun, and when I was a server it was a great day to make money off of date nights :)

Even though I don’t get into this holiday, I do love thematic dressing occasions so here you have it, what I would wear on Valentine’s Day. I actually wore this a few weeks ago and since my tights have hearts and I’m wearing pink, figured it was the perfect time to share.

what to wear


You know what else I love? Airplanes and vintage. Yup, in case you didn’t know, I have my pilot’s license and am a sucker for anything with airplanes on it. When we were in Austin over New Year’s, Brian found this amazing tooled leather bag in a vintage store. On one side is a horse (pretty cool), but on the other side is an airplane (SUPER COOL!). It even looks like the Piper Warrior I trained in. But wait, this gets crazier… it even has ALL 3 of my initials in the right order, so it was meant to be. This bag was sitting in Austin, TX just waiting for me to find it one day.

I also love winning giveaways, which rarely happens, and this collar came from one I won on Amanda’s blog sometime last year. Cute, eh??

dress: thrifted
boots & bag: vintage
tights: old F21 (and worn for What to Wear: St. Patrick’s Day last year, haha!)
collar & belt: giveaway and gift- both from Amanda :)



What do you plan to wear on Valentine’s Day? Do you find yourself dressing in themes for holidays? Link up over at Gypsy in Jasper if you want to show us! Or join in on February 20 for What to Wear: Pop of Colour, as Nicole so cutely spells it but my computer trys to correct me… :)

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