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I graduated!


lisa berg graphic design

I have officially graduated! The biggest final project I had was to create and have printed this portfolio book. THEN, the scary part was to present it to 9 industry professionals divided into groups of 3. Totally nerve-wrecking. It went really well and I got some great feedback so I am feeling more confident to start hitting the pavement for a job. Yes, I painted my nails to match my logo and luckily the reviewers all appreciated that. :)

Two years ago, after yearrrrrs of soul-searching and asking “what am I going to do with my life??”, I enrolled for one web and one graphic design class. This blog was actually created as my final for the web class, who knew I would fall in love with blogging and still be at it a couple years later? I also fell madly in love with design and the next year immersed myself full time into the program.

I want to encourage anyone that is thinking about going back to school or learning something new, DO IT. The first year wasn’t easy. I was learning a lot but felt like the process was slow. It seemed like 2 years was a lifetime, and I would get down about being in my 30s and back in school (such a ridiculous thing to think!). At the beginning of the 2nd year, something clicked and everything started to fall into place. It’s funny how many of my friends have said that can’t believe 2 years has passed already. It is crazy how fast it flies by. I already miss school, but I am SO happy that I am on a path to doing something I love and made some great friends along the way.

A big thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement on this journey!

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always be learning…


letterpress letters

This May I will be graduating. Again. Of course that’s exciting and on one hand I want to be counting down the days. On the other hand it’s as scary as it was the first time when I was 22. I have the same old fears of will I get a job doing what I love- but this time they are more compounded. Last time I didn’t really know what a job I “loved” would even be, and I set my mind at ease with affirmations of “you’ll figure it out” and “you have lots of time”. This time I think about being 35 and competing for an entry-level job, making less money than I do now and having bosses way younger than me.

I finally bought The War of Art a couple weeks ago after it being in my Amazon wish list for months. I’ve been reading it slowly- not my usual type of slowly, as in forgetting about it for weeks at a time- but as in, really absorbing the words and re-reading the pages that really jump out at me. So many of my constant thoughts and fears are addressed in this book and I’m not going to lie- it’s comforting to know that the things I worry about but never knew how to articulate, are actually common enough to be addressed in this book.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the journey. In reality, only a handful of lucky people know what they want to be when they’re a teenager and immediately set out on that path. It’s easy to get down on yourself for not being where you think you should be by a certain age. We often accept the label of “lost soul” if we don’t follow the traditional career path- but I’d rather look at it as just taking the scenic route.

One of my instructors often mentions how we should strive to always be learning, not just in school but in any way possible. Once you think of yourself as “learned”, you stop growing and evolving. This is true in every area from your career path, hobbies, and relationships with other people.

Heck, I might be back in school 10 years from now for something completely different and I’m okay with that.

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Avenir font typography print

One of my latest projects for my Typography class was to design a type specimen on a font of our choice. Their were some stipulations on font choice, but for the most part it was up to us. Our instructor did recommend profiling something that comes on a mac so that the posters hanging in the classroom will actually be useful to students.

I chose Avenir, a font I hadn’t paid much attention to before this project, but has recently been coined “Apple’s new favorite typeface”. It is the principle typeface of Amsterdam so I included a Dutch bicycle and a color scheme that reminds me of modern Europe design.

How fun is that Q??

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typography portrait…


typography type portrait

//Typography portrait and the image it was based on//

One of my recent school projects was to make a typography portrait. The assignment was to re-create ourselves using characters as a way to become more familiar with different type faces and really familiarize ourselves letter shapes. Every part of this is done with a letter or symbol and a variety of fonts. Since I started my graphic design program, I have fallen even more in love with typography and learning all I can about it.

I’ve decided I want to share more school projects on here, I think it will be good motivation for me! The photo it was based on is from a guest post I did over on Adrian Loves Owls last spring.

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did I hear a niner in there?


I haven’t had much time for crafting lately so I thought I would show a school project, to prove to myself I still make stuff. I’m taking a 2-D design class this semester, it’s a non-computer class required in the graphic design program I’m in.

A recent project was to make a book with expressing unity in design. The parameters were to choose an object, draw at least 50 images of or relating to the object, and make some sort of cover that ties into the object. In case you ever doubted my love of airplanes… I chose an airplane. An Air Canada jet I happen to have lying around.

air canada jet

I’m not the best drawer. In fact, I really can’t draw, which is a total bummer. I can’t make anything look 3-d to save my life. Well, I can draw a cube so I guess that’s a lie. I have a growing collection of atlases so I did my drawings on pages of them to unify the planes with travel.

airplane runway 8
air canada jet

The cover is made with aluminum sheets with a spray painted airplane modeled after the airport road signs. I enlisted help with the power tool portion of the project, Brian drilled holes in the aluminum and put rivets to model an actual airplane’s construction. It’s held together with steel cable.

airplane bookbrian with a drill

airplane book
Overall I’m happy with how it turned out, but I may tear out some of the more embarrassing drawings inside :)

Signing off…

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