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Bird feeders…



Oh boy, a blog break spurred by not having a computer is not the best of blog breaks! Some idiot (ahem, me…) spilled iced coffee on my laptop last week, and while being computer-less helped me make progress on some projects, it also caused me to fall waaaay behind on others.

The good news is there was no damage- Apple being the amazing place that they are, sent it out for a full exam just to be safe. It came back with a good bill of health and a bonus tune-up to boot. Only sippy cups from now on (shout out Contigo).

Today I just have some pics from a trip down to Tucson last weekend- we went down for the night to see the amazing Maria Bamford, and stopped to feed the animals at the Ostrich Farm on the way.





And when everyone ends up wearing practically the same outfit, you gotta get a photo, amiright? Wow, how may shades of grey can fit in one pic? A lot.

Well I’m off to catch up on your blogs because I’m waaaaay behind!

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1// Diving Lady- an iconic vintage sign in Mesa, AZ
2// Cute cat, duh
3// Cucumber soda- my go to mixer this summer with gin and a squeeze of lime or lemon
4// VW Bug. Enough said.

lalafauxbois instagram

1// Yellow wall fun with my friend Brittany
2// Pool floating (koozie from Hicksville)
3// The cam that filmed me as a baby :)
4// Newest addition to the fam- more on that later!


1// Cereal Milk Ice Cream from Momofuko Milk Bar
2// Van
3// View from The Frying Pan in NYC
4// Shop cat guarding beers and candy

Keeping this short because things have been crazy this week. But I never got around to do a post on our New York trip, although I shared our day at the beach and happy hour with Chantilly. So here are some Instagram photos from that trip and other snaps from the summer.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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Oregon Snapshots










Oregon Coast

Here’s some snapshots from our recent trip up to Oregon. You can see why we always try to schedule our trips up there in July, it’s the most beautiful place to be in the summer (in my humble opinion). This was my in-laws first visit to the northwest and I had so much fun showing off my home state. I feel so lucky to be from such an amazing, green, creative, and beautiful place and seeing others excitement for it made it extra fun. They were really blown away by the forests.

We spent a few days in Eugene, headed to the coast for a couple of days- on what may have been the most perfect day ever on the Oregon Coast, I showed them where I grew up, and wandered around Portland for a day. We also celebrated the double retirement of mine and Brian’s moms- a big congrats to them! :)

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The Neon Museum


The Neon Museum Las Vegas








The Neon Museum Las Vegas

Last weekend we made the 5-hour drive up to Las Vegas to see family that was there. I’d seen photos from The Neon Museum on Instagram and it was #1 on my to-do list if I was ever in Sin City again. Although it would’ve been cool if we were allowed to wander around and take photos, the hour-long tour was really interesting. Although I’m not a Vegas lover these days, the history of the city is pretty fascinating, and vintage signs are always a win in my book!

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All dressed up…


Sweet and Sour Vintage dress

Last Saturday I was all dressed up with no place to go. I couldn’t wait for a fancy shindig to wear this gorgeous dress from Sweet & Sour Vintage, so Brian and I took a drive up the mountain to snap some pics. We went to a spot that he often drives up to on his lunch break, and we made it just before sunset.

This dress is the perfect addition to my vintage collection. The blue and white fabric has a unique pattern and texture, and it’s thick enough to give this dress structure. Sometimes a shift or A line dress of this length can be an unflattering silhouette, but this one has a nice shape to it. The lacy trim, mini rhinestones, and neck details made me feel ready for a night on the town, so go ahead and start sending those cocktail party invitations my way!




As you can see from my hair, I was battling the wind, which is normal this time of year. At least the cut of this dress isn’t a risky style for windy days, it stayed perfectly in place- while my bangs were a different story…

vintage dress: c/o Sweet & Sour Vintage
vintage brooch: present from Brian
vintage bag: thrifted
shoes: Chelsea Crew via Ruche


Did you see the blood moon last night? Brian was nice enough to wake me up for it, since I’m 100 years old and was falling asleep by 10. I stumbled outside to ooh and aah for a few minutes before hitting the hay again. Very cool.

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