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Patio Furniture Restyle


We recently made over these chairs that Brian found in the alley on his way to work one morning. They were dirty and a little beat up, but nothing a hosing and some spray paint couldn’t fix. We spent less than $30 on spray paint and the chairs were free, so it was a cheap addition to our patio furniture. I still want to make some cushions for them because I haven’t found any round ones for sale that I like.


Here’s what they looked like before…

vintage fiber glass chairs

We used Montana Gold spray paint in Pool and if you’re local, they have a good selection at the Arizona Art Supply in Phoenix on 16th Street.

Have you entered the Albion swimsuit giveaway yet?? Do it.

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phone booth: weekend pics


instagram weekend
1/ Prints I ordered from Girl and Parrot arrived
2/Brian and I went for a bike ride
3/Morrissey lounging
4/Mainline by Hooker stamp in some new-to-us vintage furniture

How was your weekend?
Mine was jam-packed but we got a lot done around the house. We’ve been re-styling a room and it feels good to get rid of a bunch of the clutter, do a deep cleaning, and reorganize. We found a trio of Mainline by Hooker mid-century furniture pieces at a consignment shop for cheap that we’re really excited about and that really help with the new layout. I always feel like doing a big cleaning at the first signs of fall, we have to spend so much time indoors with the AC cranked during PHX summers, it feels necessary to freshen things up!

I also squeezed in some fun, like getting delicious burrata sandwiches with my friend Sara, going to a “welcome home” party for our friend Ryan, and grocery shopping. Okay, I actually hate grocery shopping but it’s nice to have a stocked fridge :) Plus I got my car back after two weeks with a rental- I was rear-ended on my way to school, nothing major but still a hassle!

I love not having school until 4 on Mondays- it’s almost like getting an extra day to recover from weekend craziness :)
What have you been up to?

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a vintage dress re-style…


Okay, I’m about to share a before and after of a vintage dress I restyled. Remember, before pictures are supposed to be frumpy and apparently I spilled water on myself for an added frump factor.

vintage dress restyle before and after

I found this dress a couple months ago and an estate sale. The lady had a bunch of vintage clothes my size, a lot of them were works in progress as she was also big into sewing. I loved the colors and pattern mixing of this dress and overall it was the right size, but the sleeves were ill-fitting and I felt the length was unflattering for the style.

I ripped off the sleeves and sewed the edges to make it a tank dress, which makes it a perfect for summer since it’s also cotton. I also hemmed it up a few inches. I can’t take credit for the tie belt, that came with it but I forgot to put it on for the before picture.

vintage dress restyle
modcloth russian doll necklace

vintage dress: estate sale
necklace: Modcloth- last spring
vintage shoes: thrifted

These were pretty simple changes but made it a more wearable dress for my style!

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horse dress; volume 2…


I first wore this dress back in April, but I’ve had so much fun remixing it I’ve been guilty of wearing it to many events already this summer. Scarves are my favorite accessory, especially in the summer when it’s too hot for layering.

Today seems like the perfect day to share it again because yesterday we saw wild horses while tubing down the Salt River! We’ve been hoping to see them for years, but yesterday was the first time we got the opportunity. First we saw a group down by the river eating and then a pair crossed the river in front of us. I’ll be honest, it was pretty magical :)

horse print dress
horse print dress back
vintage scarf bow
vintage scarf
horse print dress

dress as a top: Nordstrom Last Chance
skirt & scarf: thrifted
shoes: ebay
ring: F21

Tubing down the river is one of my favorite summer activities, we went for Father’s Day with some family and friends. Today I’m rocking a sunburn that I’m not proud of- I’m an obsessive sunscreen wearer but after five hours on the river, the sun got the best of me!

What did you do this weekend?

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another cat sweater D.I.Y.


Remember last fall when I was going crazy with elbow patches? I was thinking that as much as I love the kitty patches, what I really need is a sweater with a giant cat on the front. Who doesn’t, right?

cat sweater d.i.y.

You can draw whatever shape you want, or I included a template if you want the cat silhouette. A pattern cut out of an 11″ X 8.5″ piece of paper seems to be the perfect size for the front of a sweater.

cat sweater DIY

Other supplies needed:

  • a sweater in need of a make-over
  • felt (or another no-fray fabric)
  • embroidery floss
  • fabric glue

After cutting out your pattern piece, try on the sweater and pin your shape where you want it.

Place a piece of paper inside the sweater and lightly glue the pattern to the sweater. The paper will prevent the glue from soaking through to the back. Just use a small amount of glue to keep it stable, and don’t go all the way to the edge or it will be hard to get the needle through.

After your glue has dried, hand stitch around the edge with the embroidery floss. It would be cute to add a face and whiskers too, but since I’m not the best at drawing I decided to keep it simple.

cat sweater diy

It’s been a windy weekend :)

cat sweater diy

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