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Jump Around


vintage jumpsuit

Well, I’m convinced this is how you have to stand to show off the jumpsuit that looks like a dress at first glance. I’m now a jumpsuit convert, because what could be better for a windy summer day? This was actually in my shop for awhile, and when I started getting jumpsuit envy of many fabulous bloggers, I decided to alter it to fit and keep it for myself. The pros of having a guest room too full of vintage for actual guests ;)

I’m a big fan of cross-body bags, they are so much easier than bulky handbags when you’re spending the day out and about. And sometimes even the biggest color lovers go for neutrals- especially in fun prints and color blocking!

vintage jumpsuit

Big Buddha crossbody bag

bags: c/o Big Buddha
jumpsuit & scarf: vintage
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

vintage jumpsuit

If you are reading this post, thanks for sticking around! Holy moly it’s been awhile. Not sure what direction this blog is heading, but it’s at least fun to pop in and say hello once in awhile :)

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Earth Day with Savers


Earth Day with Savers

Happy Earth Day! This year I’m partnering with Savers to talk about thrifting, one of the most fun ways to go green! Savers keeps 650 million pounds of reusable goods out of landfills each year, making them one of the largest textile recyclers in the world. When you donate and shop at thrift stores, you are helping reduce the amount of waste and not contributing to the impact of new product production.

Armed with a $100 gift certificate to Savers, I was challenged to see just how much I could find to spruce up my wardrobe. Talk about a shopping spree! From one thrift store outing I was able to put together 3 entire looks, including shoes (but minus some accessories).

Look 1

Thrifted: Coach loafers, floral jumper, striped tank top

Earth Day with Savers

Look 2

Thrifted: J Crew gingham dress, vintage oxford shoes
vintage bow tie: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Look 3

Thrifted: Floral summer dress, Keds tennis shoes, silk hair scarf

Earth Day with Savers
Look 4 & 5

Thrifted: Flamingo blouse (new with tags!) & Hawaiian dress
necklace: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Now let’s talk about just how much $100 can buy you at the thrift store. When shopping most retail, I would have to choose between a single dress or pair of shoes, but at Savers I was able to get a whole new-to-me summer wardrobe. We’re talking:

*5 dresses
*7 shirts
*1 scarf
*4 pairs of shoes
*4 vintage cocktail glasses
*1 vintage coffee mug


Earth Day at Savers

April is Earth Month, and it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Donate all the stuff that you no longer wear or use, and know that you are keeping those things out of landfills. In addition, each of your donations contributes to Savers partnerships with a non-profit in your community. Go ahead and reward yourself with some shopping while you’re there ;)

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Salvage and Stone


Pastel pink hair

Well, after hours in the salon having my hair lightened, and another morning of my amazing mother-in-law meticulously applying the pink- I finally have the shade I was originally going for. It’s definitely new for me- I’ve never experimented outside the “natural colors” beyond a spell with streaks in the early 2000s. But what better time than when you work from home, right?

Pastel pink hair

Pastel pink hair

Pastel pink hair

headband: c/o Salvage & Stone
shirt: thrifted
skirt: Instagram sale
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Pastel pink hair

Now let’s talk about this handmade headband from Salvage and Stone! During the warmer months (um, half the year…) my hair is up most days, and I’m always reaching for scarves to help change up the look. This one is perfect for me right now, because the neutrals balance out the pink, yet the mix of fabrics add a unique twist. The soft cotton jersey makes it extra comfortable, and it will be perfect for keeping the ol’ bangs out of the face during yoga or hiking too. Even better, Nicole makes the headbands and jewelry in her shop out of recycled materials. She is also a really talented artist and her blog is full of beautiful photography, so stop by and say hello and support a handmade artist!

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vintage outfits
Vintage outfits

Brian’s outfit: vintage- thrifted
Dress: vintage via Shop Whurl (amazing new app for us vintage lovers!)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Brooch: vintage

Last weekend was our anniversary so I thought I’d pop in with a couple of dorky pics of us and an orange from a wedding we went to a couple weeks ago. It was at a science research station in the middle of nowhere. Like really the middle of nowhere- the drive led us in to New Mexico and then back to Arizona. We also pulled into the facility late Friday night with literally no gas in our car- it was so rural that none of the neighboring towns had gas stations (although they we did see open bars… go figure), and luckily the research station sold us a few gallons to make it to a town with gas 50 miles away the next day. City folk here.

If you missed it on Instagram I recently died my hair pink, and I blame the internet because I see so many rad looking pink haired ladies on a daily basis. Unfortunately it only stuck in the parts I have highlights, so next time I’m going to need to get it lightened allover since I’m too scared to mess with at-home bleaching. Everything I read said to bleach it first, but I decided to wing it and hope for the best.

Happy spring, everyone! I know the internet loves fall, but this is seriously my favorite time of year! Also, I feel like I should mention that I’m wearing pale pink tights :)

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Mermaid Legs


mermaid tights + Swedish Hasbeens

My “Style” board is definitely the board that gets the most use on Pinterest (with Design & Illustration close behind), but rarely to I actually click through and buy something. I mostly use it for inspiration, and look for new ways to put together pieces I already have.

These tights were an exception, because when I clicked the link they were about $5 on ebay. Kind of a no-brainer. Yeah, they aren’t the highest quality, but I’ve worn them a few times without any snags or leaving a trail of glitter, so I’d say I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.

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