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When it comes to hair and skin care products, I try to buy as natural as possible. Last October I decided to try out the Oil Cleansing Method instead of my usual face wash and I haven’t looked back since.

In a nutshell, the Oil Cleansing Method uses a combination of castor oil (cleansing agent) with a secondary nurturing oil, such as olive or sunflower. After massaging the oil onto your face, you apply a warm wash cloth to steam your skin and wash away impurities. In the winter when my skin is extra dry, I would also rub on a little coconut oil after cleansing. If you decide to try it out, you should read up on the whole process here.

After playing around with the ratios, I found that about 25% castor oil with 75% organic olive oil is a good combo for my skin. I mix up the oils in a travel size bottle and I still haven’t used the entire bottle of castor oil- almost a year later. I use this method every night before bed and then dab on some organic argan oil. Sometimes I also follow with a natural night cream, but I’m not sure that’s even necessary.

I used to also wash my face in the morning but now I skip that and just apply a natural moisturizer with sunscreen.

It took about a week for my skin to adjust and for me to find the best oil ratios, but I’m so glad I tried this out! If you find you break out in the beginning- stick with it! This is your skin “detoxing” from all the products you’ve been using. I learned that I was over-washing my face and using unnecessary products. Plus this method is super cheap compared to buying face wash!

Have you tried the Oil Cleansing Method? Do you have any natural skin care tips to share?

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