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Mermaid Legs


mermaid tights + Swedish Hasbeens

My “Style” board is definitely the board that gets the most use on Pinterest (with Design & Illustration close behind), but rarely to I actually click through and buy something. I mostly use it for inspiration, and look for new ways to put together pieces I already have.

These tights were an exception, because when I clicked the link they were about $5 on ebay. Kind of a no-brainer. Yeah, they aren’t the highest quality, but I’ve worn them a few times without any snags or leaving a trail of glitter, so I’d say I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.

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Walking Around Silver Lake


Silver Lake Outfit & Swedish Hasbeens

Happy new year! 2015 has been off to a good start, although I am having a really hard time getting back on track after 12 days off! Making the to-do and goal lists was the easy part, now to get my butt in gear…

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Ramble on


Pumpkin Spice Wall

hat, jeans, sweater, jacket: thrifted
bag: estate sale
fox t-shirt: F21
boots: Steve Madden
quartz necklace: in the shop

Pumpkin Spice Wall

This is an unplanned outfit post with iPhone pics from Saturday spent out and about. I had no intentions of posting this outfit, and the photos weren’t even taken with that in mind. We went to a craft fair, did some Christmas shopping, went to the movies, and ate pizza. This wall is from a secret entrance behind the theater- there are roughly 1 million people milling about on the other side. I have the hardest time sitting through most movies lately, which is weird because I used to be obsessed.

This weekend I reconnected with one of my closest friends in my past life and it was so, so good. I had a talk with a local small business owner that was so energizing. I met some cool people at Brian’s work holiday party. I bought plane tickets. I spent a day in my pajamas. I drank hot cider and lots of coffee. It was good.

How was your weekend?

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Tie One On


Vintage Polka Dots

I borrowed this blouse from Katie last month. In my opinion, polka dots are a neutral so I wanted to pair this with everything and had a hard time narrowing it down at first. I don’t wear a lot of brown, and I feel like most the polka dots I own are black and white, so it was fun to work with something a little different. Plus if there’s a bow tie on a blouse, I’m sold.

Vintage Polka Dots
Vintage White Oxfords

top: borrowed from Katie
sweater (J Crew) & skirt (vintage): thrifted
shoes: My Sister’s Closet Vintage on Etsy
brooch: Andsmile on Etsy

Brooch Etsy

I have to confess that we haven’t done an ounce of holiday decorating around our house. It’s not that I’m not in the spirit- I’ve done most of my shopping, I’ve been eating peppermint cookies, and we watched Bill Murray’s Scrooged over the weekend. I guess you could say I’m sort of in the spirit? But at this point it almost seems not worth dragging the boxes out of the attic for only a couple of weeks, and we aren’t spending Christmas eve or day here. I know, I’m the laziest. You’d think a girl that grew up on a Christmas tree farm would have a little more gusto over decorating, huh? ;)

Do you do a lot of holiday decorating around your place? Should I at least put up a strand of lights? :)

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Fair Tuesday with Mitla Moda


Fair Trade Tuesday- Mitla Moda

Although I definitely wear a little more black in the winter, I still like to add my fair share of color. I was excited for it to cool down so I could finally break out my newest top from Mitla Moda- one of those things you get off-season and have to count the days down til you can wear it. Well, off-season for someone that lives on the surface of the sun and avoids black for half the year, but a perfect year-round shirt for anyone else.

Fair Trade Tuesday- Mitla Moda

Fair Trade Tuesday- Mitla Moda

top: Mitla Moda
jeans, shoes, scarf: thrifted
sweater: super old
quartz necklace: in my shop

Fair Trade Tuesday- Mitla Moda

If you didn’t know, today is Fair Tuesday- I believe it’s the finale in the string of themed shopping days this week, but a more redeeming one since it’s in support of fair trade, ethical, and eco-friendly goods. Today you can take 25% off in the Mitla Moda shop with the code FAIRTUES.

You can see how I styled my other Mitla Moda top last winter here. These shirts are so perfect with leggings!

Did you do any shopping this weekend? I’m not one to brave the crowds of Black Friday, but I did order some stuff over the weekend and have most my Christmas shopping done. And I may have bought myself a thing or two along the way- but I think that’s normal, right??

bre pea.

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