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Change of Scenery


Thrifted layered outfit

This was another outfit from our trip to LA, a sunny but chilly day we spent walking around and eating everything in sight. I really didn’t intend to take outfit pics on our trip, but our street was cute and quiet, and I found myself inspired by the change of scenery. We can take the things we see everyday for granted, but when we are out of our routine, every little thing becomes photogenic.

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Los Angeles via Instagram


Los Angeles Instagram Photos

Sometimes sorting through vacation photos for the blog can be so daunting I find myself just trying to hide from my computer and the internet for days. But I always regret when I don’t post about a vacation- the best part of blogging is being able to look back the highlights over the years. So instead of putting it off until it’s a distant memory, I decided to summarize our week in LA with my phone pics, that you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

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