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Color Theory: Handmade Jewelry


Handmade necklaces Etsy

Handmade necklaces Etsy

Hello, hello! I’ve been working on some new pieces for the shop and wanted to give a little update of what’s been added lately. There’s some colorful bead necklaces with vintage and new beads that are perfect for summer. I also have some fun bottle opener and key necklaces made with vintage pendants and reclaimed chains. You will surely be the hit of all your pool parties and summer bbq’s with a bottle opener at the ready ;) There’s also some new vintage and a Last Chance Sale section!

Are you guys ready for the Mad Men finale tonight? I have mixed feelings about it, but always feel sentimental when good things come to an end. Maybe when it’s over people will forget about midcentury furniture so I can go back to finding things at the thrift store again! ;)

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Spring Cleaning Sale


Etsy Shop Sale

Hey guys! I’m getting a jump on my spring cleaning with my biggest sale in the shop! Take 30% off everything with the code SPRINGCLEAN. There’s vintage & jewelry for all seasons, so go shopping!

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Jewelry Hanger DIY


jewelry holder diy

My friend recently offered to hang some of my jewelry up in her salon that I’ve been going to for years, so I needed some kind of display that would blend into her salon decor. Although this would be just as easy to make from scratch, Brian and I decided we’d keep our eyes out at the thrift store for some kind of wood decor that could be repurposed.

I found just the thing for ยข99. The original piece is SO not my style, but I knew that it was the right size and shape for what I needed. If you make something like this from scratch- the board is 18″ wide by about 5″ high. Take a look, it’s the last time you’ll be seeing this in it’s original glory. Although I respect the original maker’s craftiness, the awkward positioning of these words nearly drove the graphic designer part of my brain crazy.


I clipped off the wire hanger and slapped on some grey paint left over from our guest bedroom. This was a quick and dirty paint job, no sanding, and I just filled in the holes from the hanging wire with extra paint.

I attached the piece for hanging on the back and since the wood is so lightweight, it can easily hang from one nail in the wall. There were also some soft pads already attached on the back corners so that will add extra protection to the walls. Something I wouldn’t worry about in my own house, but since someone else is hanging it up, I thought I’d be considerate of their walls :)

With a centering ruler, I made pencil dots for 13 hooks, alternating the height. The wood I used was pretty soft so it was easy to screw in these cup hooks without having to drill holes first.



There you have it, an easy peasy jewelry hanger that cost around $6- mostly for the hooks, and took about 30 minutes to make (not including time for the paint to dry, obvs). I’m excited to have my jewelry displayed somewhere and it was so nice to be offered this opportunity. It’s hard to make yourself stand out on Etsy and not feel lost in a sea of amazing sellers. If you are a seller and have any tips or recommended resources, I would love to hear them!

I’ve also been adding some new stuff to the Etsy shop if you want to take a look!

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Paper Plane- Shop Update


Paper Plane Jewelry

Great news, guys- it’s Friday! I have hopes for a big crafting weekend and some plans with friends, let’s hope I don’t end up sleeping too much instead ;) What are you up to this weekend?

In the past week I’ve added a bunch of earrings to the shop, and most of them are under $20!

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Buying Handmade: Of Matter


of matter easy

I found out about the Of Matter Etsy shop via Twitter over Thanksgiving weekend. I bought a couple things for myself during their sale that weekend and absolutely love them. I bought the arrow earrings (#5) and necklace (#2), and I really have my eye on more pieces- especially the brass bar ring!

Guess what? Of Matter is having a Fab sale right now…

This is not a sponsored post- I just really love the jewelry :)

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