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phone booth: weekend pics


instagram weekend
1/ Prints I ordered from Girl and Parrot arrived
2/Brian and I went for a bike ride
3/Morrissey lounging
4/Mainline by Hooker stamp in some new-to-us vintage furniture

How was your weekend?
Mine was jam-packed but we got a lot done around the house. We’ve been re-styling a room and it feels good to get rid of a bunch of the clutter, do a deep cleaning, and reorganize. We found a trio of Mainline by Hooker mid-century furniture pieces at a consignment shop for cheap that we’re really excited about and that really help with the new layout. I always feel like doing a big cleaning at the first signs of fall, we have to spend so much time indoors with the AC cranked during PHX summers, it feels necessary to freshen things up!

I also squeezed in some fun, like getting delicious burrata sandwiches with my friend Sara, going to a “welcome home” party for our friend Ryan, and grocery shopping. Okay, I actually hate grocery shopping but it’s nice to have a stocked fridge :) Plus I got my car back after two weeks with a rental- I was rear-ended on my way to school, nothing major but still a hassle!

I love not having school until 4 on Mondays- it’s almost like getting an extra day to recover from weekend craziness :)
What have you been up to?

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photo booth: lakeside


Every summer we take a few trips out to Apache Lake to visit Brian’s parents who spend a lot of time there. Their boat is their home away from home. On Monday we went for the day and I thought I’d share some phone pics from the trip.
apache lakeapache lake arizonaapache lake arizonaapache lake arizona

The yellow flower is the Century Plant, an agave that lives about 25 years. These plants are so interesting because they only bloom once in their lifetime, right before they die. The stalk grows really tall and the bloom uses all of it’s resources. The flowers are so pretty- vivid red, orange, and yellow. A couple of years ago we had so much rain and the drive to the lake was covered in red century blooms.

apache lake arizona

I seriously lucked out in the in-law department, they are so much fun to hang out with!

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did I seriously do this?


smashed iphone

So, let me tell you about one of my top 5 stupidest moment.

The other night when I left work, I dropped my phone without realizing it and after about 15 minutes of looking for it, decided to drive home thinking it was probably in my car or bag and would turn up.

When I got home, Brian tracked my phone with our ipad. It said my phone was exactly where I was parked at work, so we drove the 20 minutes back but couldn’t find it. Ugh. We had to drive to a nearby McDonald’s parking lot for wi fi to track it again and the GPS says it’s in the same spot as us. I assumed that meant it was in the car but I couldn’t find it still. There were so many sketchy people there that we decided to go to a nearby coffee shop to track it again and keep looking. Only this time, it says the phone isn’t where we are but heading the opposite direction of us.

At this point I start panicking because I realize someone has it, but we figured they would just want some cash so we drive to the location to see if we could find who has it and buy it back from them. We get to the area and see 3 street thugs that were just eating at McDonald’s when we were there using the internet (explains why the GPS was saying my phone was there!). We asked them if they found a phone and after some scrambling they said they did and would sell it to me for $30. OKAY- is the street value of iphones seriously that low?? And we have to pay so much to replace them??

The screen was smashed because I probably DROVE over it after I dropped it. During the time it took us to drive there, these guys were walking by and found it, which is crazy because it’s a dark side street. I ended up having to replace the whole thing for $150 (+$30 on the street), BUT… it makes for a good story and I think I have some street cred now :) They were actually nice enough and it’s not like they stole it. They found it on the ground after the stupid owner dropped it and drove over it.

So in summation, I made a silly mistake, negotiated with thugs, and kinda bought them dinner. Or beer.

So, what did I learn from this experience?

Lesson 1: Take better care of my phone. You think you already take care of it? You don’t. Care more.

Lesson 2: Remember that this is 2012 and there are tracking abilities to find your phone. Look for a few minutes and then track it. Duh. If I would’ve had Brian do that first, I would’ve found it under the car before driving over it.

Just a little bit of real life…

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my phone just got a new outfit…


I’ve been deliberating over which case to buy my iphone for, oh about 5 months now. Because I’m paranoid of it’s beautiful glass case being victim to my clumsiness, it was wearing a pretty crappy case that I bought at Marshall’s for $5. Don’t get me wrong, Marshall’s has overstock of great cases and I’ve seen my friends get solid scores from there. Mine was not one of them. After hours and hours spent on Society 6, I finally picked out this one because well, I like faux bois (obvi!) and I also like to put a bird on it.
society 6 iphone case

I had a parakeet named Pickles when I was in middle school, I guess this is kinda an homage to him. But he was obviously green. I decided to take an awkward pic of it in action for you… you’re welcome.

I noticed they have free shipping until Sunday, I may decide that’s a good enough excuse to order another…

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