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Los Angeles via Instagram


Los Angeles Instagram Photos

Sometimes sorting through vacation photos for the blog can be so daunting I find myself just trying to hide from my computer and the internet for days. But I always regret when I don’t post about a vacation- the best part of blogging is being able to look back the highlights over the years. So instead of putting it off until it’s a distant memory, I decided to summarize our week in LA with my phone pics, that you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram.

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Ramble on


Pumpkin Spice Wall

hat, jeans, sweater, jacket: thrifted
bag: estate sale
fox t-shirt: F21
boots: Steve Madden
quartz necklace: in the shop

Pumpkin Spice Wall

This is an unplanned outfit post with iPhone pics from Saturday spent out and about. I had no intentions of posting this outfit, and the photos weren’t even taken with that in mind. We went to a craft fair, did some Christmas shopping, went to the movies, and ate pizza. This wall is from a secret entrance behind the theater- there are roughly 1 million people milling about on the other side. I have the hardest time sitting through most movies lately, which is weird because I used to be obsessed.

This weekend I reconnected with one of my closest friends in my past life and it was so, so good. I had a talk with a local small business owner that was so energizing. I met some cool people at Brian’s work holiday party. I bought plane tickets. I spent a day in my pajamas. I drank hot cider and lots of coffee. It was good.

How was your weekend?

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1// Diving Lady- an iconic vintage sign in Mesa, AZ
2// Cute cat, duh
3// Cucumber soda- my go to mixer this summer with gin and a squeeze of lime or lemon
4// VW Bug. Enough said.

lalafauxbois instagram

1// Yellow wall fun with my friend Brittany
2// Pool floating (koozie from Hicksville)
3// The cam that filmed me as a baby :)
4// Newest addition to the fam- more on that later!


1// Cereal Milk Ice Cream from Momofuko Milk Bar
2// Van
3// View from The Frying Pan in NYC
4// Shop cat guarding beers and candy

Keeping this short because things have been crazy this week. But I never got around to do a post on our New York trip, although I shared our day at the beach and happy hour with Chantilly. So here are some Instagram photos from that trip and other snaps from the summer.

Hope you’re having a good week!

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I haven’t shared an Instagram post in months, but it’s a fun way to look back at some of what I’ve been doing or what’s caught my eye in the last few months, that I didn’t dedicate an entire post to. And of course, there’s plenty of cat pictures- because what would Instagram be without that?

Instagram @lalafauxbois

1// A vintage hotel sign in Las Vegas
2// A vinage florist sign about a mile from my house
3// Flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas
4// Our photo booth pic from Hicksville



1// From the car show we went to when we went out of town over Memorial Day weekend
2// A hike in the woods that weekend
3// Finally got my passport renewed- time to plan a trip!
4// Life imitating six pack art- this has been my go-to beer so far this summer

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spring snapshots


Arizona spring



Arizona spring


I spend more time than I’d like to admit thinking about moving from Arizona, and where we should go next. I really love it here, but on the other hand, I don’t feel completely settled on staying forever- there’s so many places I want to try living. Living in the moment is not my strong suit and I’m often daydreaming about the future. We are both people that love warm temps and sunshine, so the options are definitely limited!

Since moving here 13 years ago, spring has become my favorite time of year. Growing up in Oregon, I was a summer girl through and through- and spring here always reminds me a lot of summers back home. This is the time of year I feel satisfied here and can’t imagine leaving, but in a few weeks I know I will be singing a different tune.

Today we spent a few hours doing yard work- which is not my favorite thing to do. I was appreciating all the plants and greenery, before everything starts becoming dry and thirsty, and snapping some photos to make the work more fun. I am not a green thumb by nature and over the past few years of living in our house, and by lots of trial and error, have finally found some sturdy plants that are nearly impossible for me to kill :)

What about you? Do you feel totally happy where you live or do you dream of trying out other places?

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