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an Oregon outfit…



We just got back last night from a quick trip up to Oregon to visit my family, and celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday. True to May in Oregon fashion, the weather was constantly changing. This day we spent in the part with our nephews was perfectly sunny and beautiful, but we had our share of cold and rainy on this visit too.

I only get to see my nephews once or twice a year so when I’m in town I get to force them to take pictures and swing with me :) They are really so adorable and it’s crazy to see how much they change between visits.

oregontrip4oregontrip2oregon trip

sweater, top, skirt: thrifted
boots: vintage store
bag: vintage- estate sale
socks: American Apparel
watch: c/o Sprout
necklace: F21
sunnies: Target

oregon trip

I didn’t take a lot of pictures on this trip, but I will leave you with a mountain shot from the plane. So different than flying into the desert…


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a mini getaway: Oregon


I’m back from my mini vacation to Oregon and feeling back in the swing of things. I always feel like I need a few days to recover from vacation- even if the trip was only a few days long. What is wrong with me?? :)

Here are some snapshots from my trip:

foster lake oregonoregon vacation

Oregon is so beautiful and I love being able to go back to visit during the summers when the weather is perfect. It was a nice break with days topping out in the low 80’s and I came back to temps around 115 in Phoenix!

I went to my favorite vintage store in Eugene, it’s a must whenever I’m in town. This time I met one of the owners, who was super sweet. We’ve chatted on Twitter but never met in person until this visit. I got some fun new-to-me clothes as an early birthday present from my mom (thanks, mom!!) that I’ll share on here soon.

oak street vintage

Getting to see my nephews only once or twice a year means they change SO much each time! It’s so cool to see their personalities develop. I have NO experience around kids (I’ve never even changed a diaper!), so it’s such a new experience for me :)

my nephews! :)my nephews! :)

There’s so much I appreciate about Oregon now that I totally took for granted as a kid. I think I just had a hard time looking past those grey skies… Do you feel that way about where you grew up?

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a gremlin joins the family…


arizona gremlin

I married into a family of classic car nuts, and I love it. A part of me always wanted to sell whatever sensible Honda I was driving at the time for something with more character, but seeing as I have absolutely no mechanical abilities, that was never a good idea. (I still drive a sensible Honda!)

Brian and his parents have amassed a collection of fixer-uppers from the 50’s and 60’s but a couple of months ago, this 70’s gem joined the family. It’s now at it’s permanent home with my in-laws but we got to enjoy cruising around in it for a few weeks. It even had a pretty good AC (pretty necessary in Phoenix!), unlike Brian’s daily driver!

arizona gremlingremlin


top: thrifted
skirt: vintage- estate sale
necklace: vintage shop
shoes: F21- last Spring
sunnies: Target

forever 21 glitter shoes

Today I’m breathing a sigh of relief because my online summer class is officially over! It was the only gen ed class I didn’t have to transfer from my previous bachelor’s, and although the subject matter was interesting, the 16 week material crammed into four turned out to be a thorn in my side everyday. Whew! I’m taking a workshop this weekend and then summer break officially begins!

Well my friends, I hope you have a fun weekend! Any plans?

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photo booth: lakeside


Every summer we take a few trips out to Apache Lake to visit Brian’s parents who spend a lot of time there. Their boat is their home away from home. On Monday we went for the day and I thought I’d share some phone pics from the trip.
apache lakeapache lake arizonaapache lake arizonaapache lake arizona

The yellow flower is the Century Plant, an agave that lives about 25 years. These plants are so interesting because they only bloom once in their lifetime, right before they die. The stalk grows really tall and the bloom uses all of it’s resources. The flowers are so pretty- vivid red, orange, and yellow. A couple of years ago we had so much rain and the drive to the lake was covered in red century blooms.

apache lake arizona

I seriously lucked out in the in-law department, they are so much fun to hang out with!

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Oh deer… she’s addicted!


H&M deer print dress

Here we go again, another animal print. I promise, last one for awhile. Maybe.

H&M deer dressH&M deer dress

deer dress- H&M (of course!)
sweater- thrifted JCrew
necklace- thrifted
tights- Nordstrom Last Chance
shoes- Dansko clogs
hat- vintage, great-grandmother’s!

H&M deer dress

A few years ago, I inherited a collection of vintage hats belonging to my great-grandmother. It was given to me because “…Lisa likes old stuff”, and they’re right. This one makes me feel like this guy, which I’m more than happy with…

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