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Earth Day with Savers


Earth Day with Savers

Happy Earth Day! This year I’m partnering with Savers to talk about thrifting, one of the most fun ways to go green! Savers keeps 650 million pounds of reusable goods out of landfills each year, making them one of the largest textile recyclers in the world. When you donate and shop at thrift stores, you are helping reduce the amount of waste and not contributing to the impact of new product production.

Armed with a $100 gift certificate to Savers, I was challenged to see just how much I could find to spruce up my wardrobe. Talk about a shopping spree! From one thrift store outing I was able to put together 3 entire looks, including shoes (but minus some accessories).

Look 1

Thrifted: Coach loafers, floral jumper, striped tank top

Earth Day with Savers

Look 2

Thrifted: J Crew gingham dress, vintage oxford shoes
vintage bow tie: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Look 3

Thrifted: Floral summer dress, Keds tennis shoes, silk hair scarf

Earth Day with Savers
Look 4 & 5

Thrifted: Flamingo blouse (new with tags!) & Hawaiian dress
necklace: estate sale

Earth Day with Savers

Now let’s talk about just how much $100 can buy you at the thrift store. When shopping most retail, I would have to choose between a single dress or pair of shoes, but at Savers I was able to get a whole new-to-me summer wardrobe. We’re talking:

*5 dresses
*7 shirts
*1 scarf
*4 pairs of shoes
*4 vintage cocktail glasses
*1 vintage coffee mug


Earth Day at Savers

April is Earth Month, and it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning! Donate all the stuff that you no longer wear or use, and know that you are keeping those things out of landfills. In addition, each of your donations contributes to Savers partnerships with a non-profit in your community. Go ahead and reward yourself with some shopping while you’re there ;)

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It’s Time for Eco-Fashion…


Sprout Eco Watches

In honor of Earth Day last year, I did a post on some easy ways to live more eco-consciously around the home. Number one was thrifting, which you all know is my favorite way to shop.

I also love supporting eco-friendly companies, and was really excited to hear about Sprout Watches via Hannah and Dus. These two ladies are amazing in their environmental efforts, both work in the environmental field, and live a green lifestyle.



Sprout has eco-chic nailed. Instead of plastic, corn-resin is used to make many of the watches- so they are durable and made from a biodegradable, renewable resource! How cool is that?

One of the watches I chose has a cork band. Cork is a highly sustainable material and harvesting the bark not only doesn’t harm the tree, but actually helps it. Having worked in wine bars for 10 years, I’ve opened thousands of wine bottles and been around a lot of corks. I thought it would be fun to wear some too :)

The packaging is really great and is made with recycled materials. As a graphic designer, I must say I love their logo, typography, and package design!

Sprout Eco Watches


watches: c/o Sprout Watches
shirt, shoes, scarf, belt: thrifted
skirt: vintage, Grow-op


This Earth Day (April 22nd!) marks the 3 year anniversary of Sprout Watches and they are celebrating with an Eco-Vacation giveaway including a 4-night, 5-day stay at the Viceroy Resort in Snowmass, CO and airfare for 2! To enter, like Sprout Watches on Facebook to get the details of their Pinterest contest. Now go enter!

Watches were courtesy of Sprout Watches but all opinions are 100% mine!
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happy Earth day!


earth day


Happy Earth Day, friends! Today is the perfect day to commit to make a change in your lifestyle, even small tweaks can make a big difference. And it doesn’t take long for something to become a habit, so something that seems like a big step at first will quickly become part of your normal routine!

I really hate wasting resources and materials and people often joke that I’m cheap, but that’s okay because I know that these are good steps for living more eco-friendly, and sometimes you even save money as a side effect :) Remember, these are not from a place of judgement- just ideas of things that have worked seamlessly into my life.

Some of my favorite/easy ways to be more green:

  • THRIFTING! This is probably the most fun step too :)

  • Bringing your own bags to the grocery store. It can be hard to remember at first but it quickly becomes second nature and something your brain just associates with grocery shopping. Plus they are a heck of a lot cuter than gross, plastic bags that only hold a couple things. I leave mine in the car so I never forget.

  • Cutting back on the meat. You don’t have to go full-vegetarian, even taking a step like Meatless Monday is a big deal! Who knows? Maybe you’ll like it enough to go cold turkey! :)

  • Turn off the water when your brushing your teeth and the lights off when you leave a room. This might sound silly, but I’m always surprised by how many people travel from room to room and leave the lights on! If I’m home alone at night, I do allow myself an extra light in another part of the house. I get scared :)

  • Adjusting your thermostat. In the full swing of summer, AZ temps are always in the triple digits requiring AC use. We keep our thermostat warmer than most people I know because I don’t like too drastic of a temperature change, and I find that I’m comfortable there. If you find yourself reaching for a blanket when the AC is on, or wearing shorts/t-shirts with your heater on- your thermostat could go a few degrees in the other direction!

  • Bring your own bottle for drinks. I carry a .6L Sigg bottle with me EVERYWHERE. It comes with me to school, work, errands, and vacation. Heck, my current bottle has been around the country and to Europe twice and has the dents to prove it :) It’s way more convenient and has become such a security blanket, I never leave home without it. Coffee shops usually give you discounted prices too, if you bring your own travel mug/tumbler.

  • Plan your driving wisely. One thing I dislike about where I live, is I have to pretty much drive everywhere. I really dislike driving and feel guilty about doing it frivolously, so I really plan out my trips. I try to plan my errands on the same day, and figure out my route before leaving so that it is the most efficient.

  • Remember that Recycle is the last step in the 3 “R”s. It’s obviously really important to recycle, but try to remember to reduce and reuse first, if possible!

I don’t talk about this sort of thing on my blog because there is SO much information out there and I don’t want to just recycle (haha!) what I read from other places. But… it’s a very important issue to me and in our home we are constantly trying to look into ways to live our lives comfortably but eco-consciously. I would love to hear any tips you have for incorporating earth-friendly practices into your lives!

We spent the afternoon drinking locally brewed beer so that’s a fun way to be green! :)

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