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Handmade Tiki Dress

This time of year is so gorgeous I just want to be outside as much as possible. I also notice that I go into a bit of panic mode, knowing that soon it will be impossible to hang out outside unless you’re in a pool- it’s like trying to overdose on fresh air to make it through the summer.

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October’s Sewing Project


DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

Another working title for this post was “Dropped the Ball”, because if you remember my goal to sew one wearable item a month this year, I totally dropped the ball by May. I won’t bore you with excuses, because I really don’t have a great one, but sewing didn’t make the priority list this summer.

I picked things back up in September with this fit and flare dress. I don’t know what it is with me and patterns, but I swear they always fit way to big compared to my size and measurements. I was so excited to finish, but I was swimming in it. Out of frustration, I threw it in a to-do pile and ignored it until mid October, when I finally altered it into something wearable.

As an airplane lover I was pretty excited to find this fabric. I fell in love with this dress on Modcloth made from airplane blueprint fabric, but have been staying away from $80 dresses lately. I think it’s a pretty good substitute.

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

Pattern: Kwik Sew K3521
Fabric: this Etsy shop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
scarf: thrifted

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

If you want to see the projects from earlier in the year here is Jan, Feb, March, & April.

Have you been more successful with your goals/resolutions for the year??

Oh, on an unrelated note- I started a new Twitter for the Etsy shop if you want to follow along for first peeks at new stuff and special discount codes :)

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Rules, Schmules


Peter Pan collar dress & Swedish Hasbeens on Lala Faux Bois

This outfit got me thinking about how much I hate the idea of “fashion rules” and “dressing your age”. As someone in their mid-30s, it may not be commonplace to wear knee socks or still be so in love with short dresses and Peter Pan collars, but I do and I am! I’ve always been a firm believer in wearing what you love even if it may not follow the rules- although there were definitely periods in my life I was guilty of conforming out of insecurity, and those are what I’d consider my biggest fashion fails, even over embarrassing outfits.

I hate when I hear someone saying they should stop wearing something because of their age, or imposing arbitrary age limits on styles! Or thinking there’s an age cap on having a personal style blog- because boy do I get strange comments from my peers sometimes :)

I’ve always cared a lot about clothes, and I always feel my best when I’ve put together an outfit I feel good in. That may sound superficial, but I think it’s true for a lot of people, if we’re being honest… That’s why I say wear what makes you happy! A lot of people wouldn’t feel comfortable in turquoise knee socks, and I totally get that. A lot of people feel their most confident in a power suit, when I would feel ridiculously out of place wearing one.

Peter Pan collar dress & Swedish Hasbeens on Lala Faux Bois

Peter Pan collar dress & Swedish Hasbeens on Lala Faux Bois

Dress: thrifted
Bag: vintage shop in Austin (the story of it here)
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens (super sale here!)
Socks: Nordstrom Last Chance

Peter Pan collar dress & Swedish Hasbeens on Lala Faux Bois

This doesn’t mean my style doesn’t change, I definitely see it naturally shift (thank goodness!) on a regular basis- I just try to stay true to what I love. And stay away from judging other’s fashion choices, which is the other big piece of respecting personal style. Treat people how you want to be treated, and all that jazz.

What are your thoughts on fashion rules and dressing your age?

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Bolt from the Blue


Polka dots

As much as I consider myself “lover of all the colors”, I am on a downward spiral towards my whole world turning blue. Wait… does a downward spiral have to be a bad thing? Because I really see nothing wrong with everything being a variation of turquoise.

Proof? I just bought paint to turn a 5th room of my house some variation of blue. It’s always the color I’m drawn to when facing those paint chips, and I figure since it’s alternating with rooms of other colors, maybe no one will notice??

Polka Dot Fit & Flare dress

dress & belt: thrifted
top: F21 (old)
shoes: Blowfish (shop my closet sale)


This dress was a t-store score- it happened to hold the magical colored tag of Goodwill’s dollar day. Yes, you read that right- this dress was passed by at Goodwill so many times that it was marked down to $1. I don’t get it either. Neither did the other lady in line that was freaking out that she missed it. Then she turned an about face and said how perfect for me it was, and that made me suspicious of a whole “keep your enemies closer so you can steal their dress in the parking lot” situation. Luckily, the dress and I are both fine, and my suspicions have subsided.

Do you ever fear the safety of your good thrift store scores from other crazy shoppers?

I’m over on Flock Together this weekend too, if you want to head on over there to see how I styled Hannah’s Hawaiian print top!

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Jockey for Position



These photos were taken in between one of the crazy rain storms we’ve had the last couple weeks, hence the moody skies and bright green, fluffy grass that you rarely see at our desert home. We had our wettest day on record and since this city isn’t exactly built for lots of rain, we had flooded freeways, overflowing swimming pools, and cancelled schools.

I’m not complaining- we obviously can use the rain around here, and the cooler temps gave me an opportunity to bust out this horse & jockey print tunic dress from Joules. One handy thing about measuring in at 5’4″ is that a longer tunic can be an official dress, and when I dress has sleeves I like the hem to be on the shorter side. It just feels more balanced for me. I may not be able to reach the top shelf of the cupboards, but the pros and cons even out :)

I’m not one for actual horse races, but I do really dig this preppy spin on a novelty print!


Tunic dress: c/o Joules
Shoes: vintage- Etsy
Bag: vintage- thrifted
Scarf: thrifted
Piano socks: Buffalo Exchange

Joules Horse Print Dress

The winner of the rain boot giveaway was britoct18- congrats!

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