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Sunny Side Up


Fried egg sweater DIY

I recently got the urge to DIY a thrifted sweater with a felt egg patch. I don’t know, sometimes the crafting urges strike and you just have to follow them. I wanted to pair the sweater with a colorful dress, and the bird print was unintentional, but a perfect match up with the egg. Which came first? I guess in this case it was the egg.

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

sweater: thrifted + DIY
bird dress: ebay
boots: Steve Madden

Fried egg sweater DIY

They egg project turned out to be pretty addicting- I even made a few more for the shop. They are all thrifted sweaters, with hand-stitched patches I made out of felt made from recycled plastic bottles- you can find them here, here, and here. Sometimes you just need a fried egg to help stay warm, ya know? ;)

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October’s Sewing Project


DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

Another working title for this post was “Dropped the Ball”, because if you remember my goal to sew one wearable item a month this year, I totally dropped the ball by May. I won’t bore you with excuses, because I really don’t have a great one, but sewing didn’t make the priority list this summer.

I picked things back up in September with this fit and flare dress. I don’t know what it is with me and patterns, but I swear they always fit way to big compared to my size and measurements. I was so excited to finish, but I was swimming in it. Out of frustration, I threw it in a to-do pile and ignored it until mid October, when I finally altered it into something wearable.

As an airplane lover I was pretty excited to find this fabric. I fell in love with this dress on Modcloth made from airplane blueprint fabric, but have been staying away from $80 dresses lately. I think it’s a pretty good substitute.

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

Pattern: Kwik Sew K3521
Fabric: this Etsy shop
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
scarf: thrifted

DIY sewing fit & flare dress Kwik Sew K3521

If you want to see the projects from earlier in the year here is Jan, Feb, March, & April.

Have you been more successful with your goals/resolutions for the year??

Oh, on an unrelated note- I started a new Twitter for the Etsy shop if you want to follow along for first peeks at new stuff and special discount codes :)

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Mustard Seed


black and white striped skirt


skirt, top, sweater: thrifted
boots: Target (2 years ago)
puzzle piece pin: DIY


Even as much as I thrift, and believe in the magic of thrifting, sometimes I’m surprised when I actually stumble on current item I want. Sometime mid-summer I had decided I wanted a black and white striped mini skirt, but I didn’t want one enough to scour the stores, and ordering something like this can be a gamble- of course I didn’t want it too tight or too mini. I was excited to recently thrift one for $3, and I actually found all of the clothes from this outfit on the same trip- so not much brain power had to be used for this :) I like it paired with this vintage blouse because I think it’s more balanced with something looser on the top, and hello- stripes plus florals.

Earlier in the year Amanda sent me a care package full of Arizona souvenirs she’d thrifted in her home state if Minnesota, including a bag full of AZ puzzle pieces. I turned this one into a brooch, which is a DIY as easy as it gets.

I’m in Oregon visiting my family right now, and somehow got lucky with the most amazing weather for this time of year, of sunshine and 70 degree temps. I’m off to hang out with my nephews that I haven’t seen in over a year- which is like a decade in little kid time, so I can’t wait! What are you up to this weekend?

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Free Range


ASOS animal crop top

If you look closely, you can see the minor damage I did to my right knee from falling down at work. Because apparently that wasn’t just for my days of running around a busy restaurant, but also when I work in an office and trip over computer cords. I guess I will always be entertaining coworkers with my spills. Clumsy for life.



top: ASOS (on sale!)
skirt: vintage- estate sale
hat: F21
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
bracelet: DIY
necklace: in my shop


I never thought I’d be on board with another crop top trend, but unlike the early 2000s, this time around they only see the light of day with high waisted skirts. It’s funny how “never-will-I-ever-wear-that-again” can be modified to “yeah-maybe-I-will-but-I-swear-I’ll-do-it-better-this-time”.

Lena B, Actually
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Strawberry Patch


vintage strawberry skirt

The last post was apple themed and now we are celebrating the strawberry. My favorite thing about summer has to be all of the fruits in season, give me all the berries, watermelons, and peaches.

Whenever I visit my family in Oregon, I try to plan it during the summer because there is no better time to be there. I always make my mom take me to a nearby farm for a flat of mixed berries and that is all I want to eat while I’m there. It’s not as easy to find fresh, local berries in Phoenix, and I definitely never see roadside blackberries like I grew up with.


vintage skirt: Buffalo Exchange
top & necklace: thrifted
shoes: Blowfish


This vintage skirt was a steal at Buffalo Exchange and it was originally floor length. It was cute as can be, but not my style, so I shortened it up. If you want to see some other examples of me chopping off maxi dresses (and if it won’t make you cringe at me altering vintage…) you can see them here and here.

Are you jumping on board for the fruit print craze? I will be the first in line for new novelty prints!

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