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Sunny Side Up


Fried egg sweater DIY

I recently got the urge to DIY a thrifted sweater with a felt egg patch. I don’t know, sometimes the crafting urges strike and you just have to follow them. I wanted to pair the sweater with a colorful dress, and the bird print was unintentional, but a perfect match up with the egg. Which came first? I guess in this case it was the egg.

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

Fried egg sweater DIY

sweater: thrifted + DIY
bird dress: ebay
boots: Steve Madden

Fried egg sweater DIY

They egg project turned out to be pretty addicting- I even made a few more for the shop. They are all thrifted sweaters, with hand-stitched patches I made out of felt made from recycled plastic bottles- you can find them here, here, and here. Sometimes you just need a fried egg to help stay warm, ya know? ;)

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Strawberry Patch


vintage strawberry skirt

The last post was apple themed and now we are celebrating the strawberry. My favorite thing about summer has to be all of the fruits in season, give me all the berries, watermelons, and peaches.

Whenever I visit my family in Oregon, I try to plan it during the summer because there is no better time to be there. I always make my mom take me to a nearby farm for a flat of mixed berries and that is all I want to eat while I’m there. It’s not as easy to find fresh, local berries in Phoenix, and I definitely never see roadside blackberries like I grew up with.


vintage skirt: Buffalo Exchange
top & necklace: thrifted
shoes: Blowfish


This vintage skirt was a steal at Buffalo Exchange and it was originally floor length. It was cute as can be, but not my style, so I shortened it up. If you want to see some other examples of me chopping off maxi dresses (and if it won’t make you cringe at me altering vintage…) you can see them here and here.

Are you jumping on board for the fruit print craze? I will be the first in line for new novelty prints!

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April’s Sewing Project



To kick off May I’d like to introduce you to April’s sewing project- this skirt. I didn’t use a pattern, just measured a skirt I liked and added some length for seam allowances. It’s pretty rough- no, you can’t get a peek at the inside, but it’s totally functional and will probably get a lot of wear this summer. It’s made from vintage fabric, trim, and zipper- all stuff I had on hand in my craft room. I’m not one to usually just sit down and start sewing without a pattern, but it worked out. There were definitely parts that would’ve been easier with some sort of guidance, but it was good for me to get outside my sewing comfort zone and just go for it.

April sewing project skirt


skirt: DIY- with vintage fabric, trim, and zipper
shoes & scarf: thrifted
top: TJ Maxx


I thrifted these Aldo jelly sandals a couple weeks ago for $1. Every time I wear them I get “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” stuck in my head, which is weird because I hadn’t even heard that song until a week ago. What’s even funnier is that Brian was the one to introduce me to this Destiny’s Child jam, by pretending the cat was singing and dancing to it. I know- I must’ve been living under a rock, but really the most exposure I’ve had to top 40 music since the ’90s has been a shopping trip at Forever 21 or more recently at Zumba. :)

You can see the other monthly sewing projects from this year’s goal here: January, February, and March.

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March’s Sewing Project- bow ties



For this month’s sewing project I made Brian bow ties from vintage fabric our friend gave me- from the same collection of fabric as this skirt.

The ties took a little bit of trial and error- I first tried the Martha Stewart template and tutorial and it didn’t really work out for me. I decided instead to just take a bow tie he already owns to make a template. I folded it in half, traced around it on large sketch paper, and added 1/4″ around all sides but the fold side. The I placed the template on the fold of the fabric and cut out two of these pieces. With right sides together, sew around the edge with a small 1/4″ seam, leaving about 2″ in the skinny area for flipping it inside out. Before turning it though, make sure you trim the edges, especially the corners and curves. Iron and stitch up the 2″ gap.

handmade bowtie sewing diy

Since these were part of my anniversary gift to him, I wrapped them in this vintage “Professional Wonder Pen” box, making sure to cover up the gunk with the ribbon (although I should’ve Goo Gone-d it, but I’m lazy…).

In the end these were pretty quick and easy, but I had to make a few dumb mistakes to work out the kinks. I’ve finally accepted that that’s the best way to learn ;)

If you are new to the blog, my goal for the year is to sew one wearable item a month to improve my sewing skills. You can see the past projects here & here.

Have you sewn anything recently, or seen a cool sewing project around? Leave a link! I would love some inspiration for future projects!

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A Dress a Month: February



Here we are, first day of March, and I’m finally sharing my sewing project for February. I finished Thursday night, in the nick of time before the end of the month.

I learned SO much with this dress! The pattern is Simplicity 1609, based on a ’60s pattern, and marked Jiffy- which I imagine it is when you’re not a novice like me. It was pretty basic, but I definitely had to reread steps a few times before understanding them, but hopefully by the end of this year of sewing it will seem easy to me too.

The skills I got to practice with this dress were following pattern markings, darts, facings, a collar, and a zipper- which I took on the extra challenge of doing without a zipper foot thanks to this lady’s helpful video, since I forgot I had broken mine last summer.

My hem could use improvement, which is funny because that’s what I’ve done the most of, and next time I will think about matching the pattern of the fabric, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

February sewing dress


pattern: Simplicity 1609
shoes: BAIT
earrings: DIY- more coming to the shop soon!


Now it’s time to start brainstorming March’s project and I’m actually considering trying this one out again with some vintage fabric…

Want to check out January’s project?

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