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Bird feeders…



Oh boy, a blog break spurred by not having a computer is not the best of blog breaks! Some idiot (ahem, me…) spilled iced coffee on my laptop last week, and while being computer-less helped me make progress on some projects, it also caused me to fall waaaay behind on others.

The good news is there was no damage- Apple being the amazing place that they are, sent it out for a full exam just to be safe. It came back with a good bill of health and a bonus tune-up to boot. Only sippy cups from now on (shout out Contigo).

Today I just have some pics from a trip down to Tucson last weekend- we went down for the night to see the amazing Maria Bamford, and stopped to feed the animals at the Ostrich Farm on the way.





And when everyone ends up wearing practically the same outfit, you gotta get a photo, amiright? Wow, how may shades of grey can fit in one pic? A lot.

Well I’m off to catch up on your blogs because I’m waaaaay behind!

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Oregon Snapshots










Oregon Coast

Here’s some snapshots from our recent trip up to Oregon. You can see why we always try to schedule our trips up there in July, it’s the most beautiful place to be in the summer (in my humble opinion). This was my in-laws first visit to the northwest and I had so much fun showing off my home state. I feel so lucky to be from such an amazing, green, creative, and beautiful place and seeing others excitement for it made it extra fun. They were really blown away by the forests.

We spent a few days in Eugene, headed to the coast for a couple of days- on what may have been the most perfect day ever on the Oregon Coast, I showed them where I grew up, and wandered around Portland for a day. We also celebrated the double retirement of mine and Brian’s moms- a big congrats to them! :)

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March’s Sewing Project- bow ties



For this month’s sewing project I made Brian bow ties from vintage fabric our friend gave me- from the same collection of fabric as this skirt.

The ties took a little bit of trial and error- I first tried the Martha Stewart template and tutorial and it didn’t really work out for me. I decided instead to just take a bow tie he already owns to make a template. I folded it in half, traced around it on large sketch paper, and added 1/4″ around all sides but the fold side. The I placed the template on the fold of the fabric and cut out two of these pieces. With right sides together, sew around the edge with a small 1/4″ seam, leaving about 2″ in the skinny area for flipping it inside out. Before turning it though, make sure you trim the edges, especially the corners and curves. Iron and stitch up the 2″ gap.

handmade bowtie sewing diy

Since these were part of my anniversary gift to him, I wrapped them in this vintage “Professional Wonder Pen” box, making sure to cover up the gunk with the ribbon (although I should’ve Goo Gone-d it, but I’m lazy…).

In the end these were pretty quick and easy, but I had to make a few dumb mistakes to work out the kinks. I’ve finally accepted that that’s the best way to learn ;)

If you are new to the blog, my goal for the year is to sew one wearable item a month to improve my sewing skills. You can see the past projects here & here.

Have you sewn anything recently, or seen a cool sewing project around? Leave a link! I would love some inspiration for future projects!

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Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree California

A couple of weeks have already passed from our Joshua Tree getaway, but I’m just getting around to sorting through all the photos. It can be so bittersweet to look through all those vacation photos, ya know? Brian planned this weekend road trip for us, which was nothing short of perfect, and we took his car on our first out-of-state road trip with it.

I shared photos of our amazing digs for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We also did a ton of sight seeing- from exploring nature to weird tourist spots. We visited a few of the High Desert Test Sites, had a sound bath at the Integratron (which was more of a hangover recovery to the sound of quartz bowls), and scoped out some vintage shops.

We drove through Joshua Tree National Park as part of our route home, making periodic stops for exploring. The park is the intersection of 2 deserts and it was interesting to see the landscape shift from high desert- with boulders and Joshua Trees, to low desert with the cholla and ocotillo that we are accustomed to in Arizona. And here I am almost falling into the San Andreas fault and rearranging some boulders…












California is definitely one of my favorite places, and as much as I think I would like to live there one day, living in a bordering state is the next best thing. In the last 9 months we have visited on 3 weekends and had totally different trips only a few hours away- the mountains, beach, and desert. Okay, I’m off before I start sounding like a California tourism commercial…

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If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a glimpse into our road trip last weekend to Joshua Tree in California. We stayed at a place called Hicksville, which was nothing short amazing- a hotel with vintage trailers, each decked out in a different theme. It’s a solar powered artist retreat- complete with recording studio and editing trailer, if you’re so inclined. It’s in the middle of nowhere and you don’t get the address until the week of your stay when they send you directions.

We stayed in The Fifi, designed by Ryan and Marci Hessling of Fifi Mahony’s wig store in New Orleans. It was decked out in purple and gold- with velvet bedding, vintage barware, and glowing wig heads. The grounds has a bunch of activities like a mini golf course with each hole representing a trailer, archery, a pool, jukebox, rooftop hot tub, and cooking areas. There was also a teepee that you could have a campfire inside, and one night we played Cards of Humanity in there with some other visitors. We met some cool people there and it’s definitely a place you’re excited to come back to after a day of exploring to hang around the campfire.

It was definitely glamping at it’s finest- we had electricity, wifi, and heat/ac in the trailers, but with only one bathroom and shower there was some roughing it too. We skipped the showers and spent a couple of days enjoying that campfire smell :)





Joshua Tree Trailer Palace

Above is the Pee Wee trailer, from the movie Big Top Pee Wee. That one is on the list for future visits!

Do you have any unique hotel experiences or places you recommend visiting?

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