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Tuesday Tunes: Best Coast


Today’s Tuesday Tunes is cat themed, because well, cats rule. Here’s an oldie but goodie from Best Coast, this video is adorable and so is her romper. :)

And here’s some cute kitty pictures to help distract you from going back to work after a 3-day weekend…

I love how the winter makes the cats want to be extra snuggly. Morrissey loves to lay on anything black and white (crazy, I know) and Piper is like me and wants a pile of fluffy blankets.


Did you get the day off yesterday?

I had a really fun morning- I got to meet some blog friends, Adrian and Dus, for coffee! It was my first time meeting people in person that I’ve known through blogging and it was so fun! We ended up chatting for almost 4 hours and I couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by! I was a bad blogger and didn’t take any pics but we did get one for Adrian’s Instagram :)

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birds of a feather…


Seriously the greatest thing about blogging has been the friends I’ve made along the way. I had no idea when I started this little space, the connections I would be making with people around the world- and it’s awesome!

Amanda and I have become friends over the past few months and I am so excited to meet in real life one day. All that entails is a quick little flight between Phoenix and Minneapolis :) She runs an Etsy shop chock-full of amazing vintage- seriously, this girl has amazing thrifting abilities. She saw a picture of some of my owl collection on Instagram once and put together a sweet package full of feathered friends (and a pretty scarf!) for me.

salvaged strawberry
salvaged strawberry
salvaged strawberry

A crocheted owl pillow?! Does mail get any better than this??

I’m still trying to find my place in this big ol’ blogging world, but these owls are a reminder of the friends that I’m making on my journey!

Thank you SO MUCH Amanda- for the owls and for just being awesome!

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