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White Stripes



Thank you so much for the birthday and shop well wishes! I’ve found that the birthdays after 30 can be stressful, with self-imposed markers of where you think your life should be and all that jazz. I didn’t have any of that anxiety this year, it’s been a year full of making changes and the change has been GOOD.

But, since that day fell on a Tuesday, and life and work got in the way of doing too much celebrating, we went for a day on the town last Sunday. We went to the museum, out for fried food & beers, and even snuck in some outfit pictures by this fun wall. Brian has the best ideas when it comes to photo locations.

Pink Striped Wall


skirt & sandals: thrifted
top: Instagram sale
necklace: in my shop


I never got around to buying these sandals from Target when they were all the rage last summer, but I scored them for $2 last week. Ahhh the power of thrifting.

Lena B, Actually
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cat pictures

Today’s this guy’s birthday, and even though this picture of him hiding from the camera is a tad blurry, I had to share. It’s been 9 interesting years with this crazy cat, which is hard to believe. I sound like a nostalgic mother, but I remember the day we went to adopt him so well and I can believe how fast the time has gone!

Here’s a few more of both our cats, just for some extra Friday cuteness. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen these before, but hey, adorable cat pictures never get old, amiright?


Not to state the obvious here, but how awesome is it that it’s Friday?? Hope you have a great weekend!

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a happy birthday, indeed…



Yesterday was my birthday AND I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the new Reader Spotlight feature on Flock Together! I love those girls and all their remixing magic, so it was a pleasure to be invited to do this!

Birthdays can be a funny thing, ya know? I’ve always been a fan, but as you get older you can start to have those “is this where I’d thought I’d be at this age” freak outs. None this year, thankfully. Life is good and has been moving in a good direction. It was year 10 of celebrating my birthday with Brian too- we were in the flirting stage this time 10 years ago ;)

Now head on over and wish Becca a happy birthday today!!

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Stop the presses!


3 color cat screenprint

So my birthday passed about a month ago but I wanted to share this awesome gift Brian made for me- a 3-color screen print of one of our cats. He used the photo emulsion technique that we’ve used to make screen prints in the past (like the clock he gave me last year!), but since it was three colors it required three screens and using registration to line up the colors.

Handmade gifts are my favorite! Now I’m trying to finagle one of the other cat :)

Here’s the polaroid he used to make the screens:

cat polaroid

On Friday, I got to tour an offset printing facility with one of my classes. I couldn’t take any photos because of their non-disclosure agreements with clients, but it was such a cool experience! I loved seeing the behind the scenes and getting a little better understanding of how that industry works.

While we were there, they were printing the ballots for November’s election at a rate of 10,000 ballots/hour/press- pretty amazing! It was fun to see the ballots lying there in giant stacks, waiting for us to determine the fate of our country for the next four years. {Okay- after voting in 4 presidential elections I’m not really that naive anymore, but I’m still fascinated by the process :)} The man running the press explained to us that even though it was a one-color job, it was important to watch out for any stray ink spots that could register as a vote.

The printing industry is so interesting and I love learning about it from at-home screen printing up to million dollar budgets. Like with learning anything, I’m finding the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. There’s so much beyond hitting print and hoping for the best with my Epson!

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happy birthday, Piper!


piper cat birthday

This weekend the sweetest, cuddliest, laziest kitty ever turns 7 and she’ll probably spend it napping in all of her favorite places :)

piper cat birthday

Do you have any fun plans for the 3-day weekend?

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