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Tour de Fat 2014


Tempe New Belgium Tour de Fat

Keeping up with this weeks bicycle theme- and it just wouldn’t be fall on the ol’ blog without a Tour de Fat post. We’ve been going since ’05 (minus one year for a wedding), and it still reigns as my favorite festival. Actually it would be more accurate to say it’s the only festival I will always leave the house for ;)

This year we dressed as a marching band- my friends found these amazing hats at Goodwill last year and have been saving them up for this day. You can check out past years here, here, and here.

Have you ever been to Tour de Fat in your city? What’s your favorite festival?

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hey cat lovers…


We saw this same scenario in Paris a couple years ago- this may be the cutest thing ever…

I may have wanted to cry when they rub faces…

Also, Philadelphia looks like a cool city…

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Tour de Fat ’12


It’s no secret Tour de Fat is my favorite festival and ranks up there as one of my favorite days of the year. This year was no exception, the day went off without a hitch- fun was had, beers were drank, and it wasn’t boiling hot like last year.

This year our group went with a French theme with berets, baguettes, and we brought along Pepe le Pew. I have a ton of pictures so I’ll let them do the talking ;)

tempe tour de fat
tempe tour de fat
tempe tour de fat
tempe tour de fat
tempe tour de fat
tempe tour de fattempe tour de fat

For this year’s grand finale we got to see Devotchka perform!

tour de fat devotchka

A replica of Pee Wee’s bike- Merci blah blah!

pee wee big adventure bike

tempe tour de fat

“Another Tour de Fat has come and gone and another day of wishing I would’ve joined the f’ing circus.”
-stolen from my Facebook status Saturday night

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blue bicycle…


vintage blue schwinn

The last thing I need is another bicycle, but I’ve been really tempted to keep this pretty for my collection. Living with a vintage bicycle restorer, I see my fair share of two-wheeled beauts, not to mention we are up to our eyeballs in ride-ables and parts. Every so often I get a greedy bone that just makes me want to keep another one for myself, like this find, a ’65 Schwinn American that has been cleaned and tuned up to perfection.

h&m diamond dress

dress- friend hand-me-down (originally H&M)
scarf- thrifted
sandals- thrifted vintage
owl bracelet- gift from my friend Sara :)
necklace- homemade

paper plane spyglass necklace

Are these dance moves? Who knows…

h&m diamond dress

We’ll probably being saying teary goodbyes soon, but in the meantime I will be riding her around the ‘hood as if she were my own…

Our home of two collectors will never be featured on any minimal design blogs! :) Are you in danger of collections taking over your house??

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Tour de Fat, and then some…


Does Tour de Fat roll through your city?
tempe tour de fat
It’s pretty much my favorite day of the year in Tempe, a vaudevillian circus themed bike party full of performances, costumes, bands, and New Belgium beers. Plus it’s eco-friendly and the proceeds go to bicycle non-profits. The event kicks off with a bike parade where hundreds of people take over the streets, riding decked out cruisers, unicycles, and a bike with a functioning BBQ… to name a few.
bicycle barbecue bbqoliviatempe tour de fatbike coral tour de fattempe tour de fat

It was an action packed day as we also stopped by the first Phoenix Maker Faire to see some local inventors and have lunch at the food trucks.

downtown phoenix street artsara downtown phoenix

We wrapped up the night with a bar-owned version of Apples to Apples… (best game ever, BTW!)
apples to apples

I logged about 15 miles on the ol’ Schwinn and I think we showed that 100 degree day who was boss…

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