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entirely thrifted…


Today I’m sharing an outfit entirely of pieces that were thrifted during the challenge this summer, and my story of going back to the mall :)

entirely thrifted outfit

Last week in celebration of finishing the 2nd hand pledge, I ventured to the mall to spend some gift cards I’d been holding onto until the challenge was over.

I panicked.

My first (and last) stop was F21 and to be honest, I was pretty excited to do some shopping. I walked in, found a couple of things, and wandered around the store for a bit. The music was loud, the lights were bright, and that new clothes smell was in the air. Suddenly it all just felt overwhelming and foreign.

Geez, no wonder prisoners find it hard to assimilate back into society after years away, I thought. Should I be comparing myself to a felon? No, definitely not. Am I a dork that thinks about this kind of stuff? Definitely :) But, bottom line, I knew I wasn’t ready for the mall. I put the clothes back where I found them and fled for the door.

entirely thrifted

Today I tried it again. This time was easier and I found some really cute things. But you know what felt good? Not buying any “maybe” pieces. I bought a few things that I really like and didn’t talk myself into any trends outside my comfort zone or any slightly awkwardly fitting pieces.

entirely thrifted

top, skirt, belt, shoes: thrifted
earrings: gift from my besty

Aren’t these the coolest earrings ever? They were a birthday gift from my besty a couple years ago and I love them to pieces.

fish earrings

Who else is excited that the weekend is here? I don’t have many plans and I like it that way! What do you have going on?

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I made it!!


second hand pledge

Remember the second hand pledge from last spring? Well, guess what? I MADE IT! This shopaholic went 5 whole months without buying new clothes or shoes. In all honesty, I really can’t believe how fast it went. Really makes you realize how fast life is whizzing by- but that’s a whole other post…

So maybe you’re wondering what I learned from this experience, or maybe if it really taught me anything?

I definitely got a lot out of this! Although it wasn’t the main goal- I saved a whole lotta money. It’s impossible to put a figure on it but those $30, $50, $70 impulse shopping trips definitely add up. By not even glancing in the clothing direction at Target, I got out of there every time with just the necessities on my list. Okay, and maybe a giant box of Cheez-Its, but that should’ve been on the list in the first place…

We are creatures of habit and sometimes those are bad habits. We also have will power and can BREAK bad habits- even though it’s daunting and not easy. Although I didn’t do anything amazing here, I broke what felt like a bad habit to me. I was still shopping at the thrift stores and I was still able to satisfy my new-to-me clothing cravings. BUT, I don’t have to feel guilty about that because it’s giving life to something thrown out. Plus, with my fickle tastes, I don’t have to feel guilty about wearing something thrifted only a few times and re-donating it if I want!

There were a few times it wasn’t easy, like when I wanted a new bathing suit or saw a cute t-shirt on Etsy but I made it and feel really good about not cheating.

So what’s the plan now??

I want to continue to mostly thrift but allow myself to add in purchases that are handmade or from independent retailers. There’s no more pledge but anything else should be bought with intention and given thought too. I may have to allow myself a few new splurges as a reward :)

Thanks to my friend Amanda for joining in on this! We made it, girl!

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I’m down with hand-me-downs…


Okay guys, I think it’s time we let hand-me-downs off the hook. I mean really, what’s better than getting new clothes without the decision making and temptations of shopping? Maybe that’s the older sister side of me talking because I don’t have bad memories of leftover sibling duds. There’s not much I love more than getting handed a box of clothes that someone didn’t want anymore.

salvaged strawberry

Maybe it’s my love of 2nd hand clothes, or maybe my expression screams “someone please dress me!” but I tend to be the go-to when friends are cleaning out their closets (does that mean I can start to blame others for my bulging wardrobe??). Apparently this gift of mine knows no technological boundaries because recently I had the good luck to receive a box from my friend through blogging- Amanda.

She has some of the best thrifting luck I’ve seen and has collections to die for. This summer she was paring down her vintage wares and I had the good fortune of inheriting a box of clothing, belts, a couple bags and some nick-nacks. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe my luck- it was like months of good thrifting days all arriving on my doorstep! This vintage skirt was in the box and has been one of my favorite outfit staples this summer.

Erin wrote a post back in August on her love of hand-me-downs that I whole-heartedly agree with (and check out that adorable outfit!).

vintage skirt- gift from Amanda!
top- thrifted
shoes- ebay
necklace- birthday gift from a couple years ago
sunnies- Buffalo Exchange, years ago and getting super faded :(

salvaged strawberry

Look! Fun details…

vintage skirt
blue hear shaped sunglasses

I also want to thank you guys for the sweet comments on my typography portrait!

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shopping my own closet…


shopping my own closet

You know those items in your closet that you just can’t get rid of, even though you’ve had them forever and you barely wear them? This skirt and shirt have both been in my closet for about 10 years, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn them together before. The top is one of those cheap-o Forever 21 finds that you actually really love. It’s somehow held up countless washes but I’m worried any day now it will decide it’s had enough.

shopping my own closet

top- Forever 21
skirt- Buffalo Exchange
shoes- ebay
hat- thrifted
belt- vintage shop, bought on this outing

shopping my own closet

Although cleaning out my closet feels SO GOOD, I’ve never been able to follow that rule of “toss what you haven’t worn in a year”. There’s too many things I’ve rekindled with after they’ve collected dust for years!

But then on the flip side, there’s the fact that most my hangers are holding more than one item and Brian got the boot out of our little walk-in closet. So, maybe I should follow that rule for cleansing sake… Oh man, did Amanda’s post on hoarding really hit home :) Traveling is so good for perspective!

shopping my closet

Man it’s tough for a nostalgic, sentimental collector to minimalize! What are your tips for curbing closet clutter?

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So, now that it’s officially summer, let’s talk bathing suits.

Frankie Four vintage bathing suits

I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon Frankie Four, but let’s just say it’s bathing suit heaven for us vintage lovers! I’ve been searching for the perfect vintage suit for years, with no luck. I rarely find them and the fit has never been right. Angela custom makes vintage style suits TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS out of vintage fabric! How cool is that?

frankie four vintage bathing suit

Angela is a dream to work with! She works with you on the style and fabric- I fell in love with the minty colored bikini (below, left) and she made me one similar, but with a halter top. I don’t think I’ve ever had a suit so well made, and having a custom fit is the icing on the cake!

Frankie Four vintage bathing suit

But what about the 2nd Hand Pledge, you ask?

Right before The Pledge I ordered a few suits from different online stores with the plan to keep only one, but none of them fit right so I relinquished myself to donning old beach gear this season. I almost made an exception in the pledge guidelines that said I could by a bathing suit :)

When I found the Frankie Four website I was so excited to see the perfect suit, I tried every justification for buying it. “It’s handmade of vintage fabric!”, I told myself. “It’s almost just like buying new underwear!”, I thought. Brian saw my struggles and later told me he wanted to get it for me as an early birthday present- my birthday is at the end of August and swim season is almost over by that point! I found my loophole and I feel good knowing we supported a handmade artist!

frankie four vintage bathing suit

This is NOT a sponsored post! I spent SO long looking for the perfect bathing suit and I wanted to share the awesomeness in case you are too!

All photos are used with permission from the Frankie Four website.

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