When the Cat’s Away



Cat Dress Rose Quartz Necklace

cat dress: borrowed from Jessica
rose quartz necklace: in my shop
hat: thrifted
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via Last Chance


As much as I try to not be the cat lady that buys every single cat print piece of clothing, sometimes they are just too hard to resist. In this case I got super lucky because Jessica was kind enough to let me borrow this dress, after my not-so-subtle hints.

We are both a part of Flock Together, so borrowing each other’s clothes is nothing new, but this dress wasn’t up for swaps yet when I *may* have commented on this post that I would be all over it once it was. Cut to last Saturday when it arrived as a surprise in the mail. Yeah, she rules- because that was awesome. Now I just have to force myself to be awesome and return it, because it’s the kind of dress that’s so comfy you could wear it every day…

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11 Responses to When the Cat’s Away

  1. Ashley says:

    This cat dress is so cute on you! Jessica is the best and she’s so generous with her wardrobe. I love sending pieces to our Flock Together ladies as surprises. I know I get all giddy when it happens to me!

  2. Sammi says:

    Lisa, I absolutely looove your styling of this dress! I really loved it on Jessica too. I think those orange wedges are perfect with it! And how sweet of her – I love when we do things like that. Basically, there isn’t too much that would be off-limits from my wardrobe for you girls <3

    xox Sammi

  3. That is super cute! I can see why you’ll want it! I love that you’re looking like summer still :D

  4. Justine says:

    While I don’t do that with cat print things, I totally would with dog print ones. Im allergic to cats so Im usually not drawn to all the cute cat printed stuff out there. Jessica was awesome for doing that! Also your shoes match the dress perfectly, its like it was meant to be ;)

  5. Rachel says:

    So cute, always love cat prints. But my fave part is those shoes! <3


  6. Jamie Rose says:

    Cat print is pretty awesome no matter what. I’m not even a cat person and I like cat printed things! This dress is just so so cute and I love the orange wedges you paired with it.

  7. Marisa says:

    LOVE this dress! I’m rocking the cats in my blog post today too. Great minds, right?

    Love your simple summery way of styling it – makes me wish warmer weather would stick around for a little while longer – but it’s been in the 40s already here!

  8. Elana says:

    This dress is SO freaking cute on you. Isn’t Jessica the best? She sent me one of her dresses to borrow once that wasn’t up for swap after I had talked about loving it so much, and it was so sweet. I love the Flock Together girls so much.

  9. Marlen says:

    awww that’s so cute she just sent it to you as a surprise! sweet girl :) and love those coral shoes paired with it- it makes it pop in such a fun way

    xo marlen
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  10. Kristian says:

    That was nice of Jessica to lend you this- the hat is well paired with it too!

  11. Jessica says:

    This dress looks so cute on you and I love seeing it with orange shoes. I might have to copy that idea next time I wear it out. Which is often! I also love seeing what my dresses look like on taller people even though you just said you weren’t that tall. You still have like five inches on me.

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