Wheel’s Up…


H&M pink jeans

You’d never guess that I’m not the biggest fan of pink if you saw me walking around in these jeans, eh? For some reason in the store, I thought they were more of a faded red, but when I got them home realized they were pretty darn pink. I would’ve thought I’d panic in this situation, but turns out I really love them. The close-up with the shoes is definitely more accurate, they aren’t as hot pink as the first pic.

wheels up H&M  pink jeans

My friend Erin recently kicked off her new Etsy shop with a giveaway of one of her handmade necklaces. I was so excited to win! I love the vector styling of the ribbon, as she knew I would, AND that they are made out of recycled leather!

She custom stamped the wording and after struggling on what to put on there, I finally decided on some old-timey pilot slang in honor of my love of airplanes. “Wheel’s Up” was an old military saying for when a flight deploys, and is still used to describe take-off. It’s also used to pinpoint the time a plan is executed, so I feel like it’s relevant to me graduating soon and ready to “take-off” on a new career path.


necklace: Premonitory Dreams
sweater & tee: thrifted
jeans: H&M
shoes: Target
compass ring: DIY


Make sure you stop by Erin’s blog to say hello, and check out her great shop!

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13 Responses to Wheel’s Up…

  1. Linn says:

    I was a little surprised and touched to find an(other) airplane geek ;-) in this part of the blog world. I work for a Swedish aircraft manufacturer and I’m very fond of especially the old beauties.

    That necklace is so cool, just the right words for you!

    • lalafauxbois says:

      That is so awesome! You are right- there aren’t many airplane geeks in style blog land :) So cool you get to work around them!

  2. Erin says:

    What a nice post to find early this morning! I’m so glad you’re happy with the necklace! It looks great on you :).
    And those pants!! Haha admittedly, I thought the highlighter colour in the first shot was pretty rad, but the uneven fading adds such a nice texture to them. That colourful map makes such a neat photo background, too!


  3. Marisa says:

    I tend to shy away from pink too – but gah, I would wear these pants in a heartbeat! I love the punch-y color of them and that little cardi is the cutest! You are the queen of putting together the best colorful and secondhand ensembles!

    Heading over to check out her shop. That necklace is adorable!

  4. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    Yeah! Glad you won, lady! I love her shop – I may get one with our wedding date – cheeseball. Love the saying on yours. You know, we had a vintage t in our last sale covered in airplanes and I meant to pull it out, then someone brought it up to the check-out and I was like, Noooooooooo. Sorry about that – still makes me mad! :) Anywho – you look great in pink, I especially love the 80s side zipper. It’s just all coming back isn’t it? xoxo

  5. Chelsea says:

    ohmigosh you are too cute! loving the blog! xoxo chelsea at http://nowismagic.blogspot.com

  6. Kendall says:

    Very cute outfit, even if the jeans are pinker than you thought, they’re still so cute. They look just like some jeans forever 21 has right now. I love that necklace and the phrase you picked. So creative!

  7. Love the pink jeans! And love the necklace. That sentiment seems just right for you…

  8. Zuley says:

    Loving the yellow and pink. That cardi is awesome.

  9. Dus says:

    I’m not usually a big pink gal either but actually just bought a pair of work slacks in a very similar shade too so naturally I love these on you! you’re so great at making comfy, relaxed outfits super cute. so awesome you won erin’s giveaway & what a perfect phrase you put – almost there!! oh & thank you so much for all your super sweet commments, they really did make my day! & if you decide to get a top just let me know & i’ll send you a coupon code to cover shipping since I could more easily drop it at your door than the post office : ) or if you wanted to try anything before also let me know!

  10. Cara-Mia says:

    I love your jeans, but then again I’m a fan of pink. :) That sweater is soooo cute and I’m a bit sad it is thrifted so I can’t run out and buy it.

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