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I didn’t necessarily mean to take the week off of blogging, but I did finally get that looming resume done- minus a few tweaks, so it was a well-used hiatus.

This week on What to Wear, we are showing you what we like to wear to work. I didn’t have time for many photos because, well, I was running late for work…

what to wear to work

I work in a really busy, family owned restaurant, and one of my top three things about working there is that we get to wear what we want. My only two rules are: hair up and comfortable shoes, and even those are kind of self imposed.

I’ve worked there 7.5 years, and my work style has definitely changed over the years. I used to focus more on being comfortable and casual, now I still like to be comfortable but have fun experimenting with my wardrobe.

Adrian gave me this skirt a couple months ago when we met for coffee and I love it! It’s so versatile and goes with everything (in my mind…). I won’t show you a closeup of the shoes because my Minnetonka moccs have seen better days, to say the least. They have been trusty work shoes for two years now, but it’s seriously time to break down and buy a new pair.

skirt: gift from Adrian
shirt & handmade brooch: birthday gifts
scarf: thrifted
shoes: Minnetonka moccs
sweater: Target


Well, I’m off- I’m curious to see what the other ladies wear to work! If you feel like joining in, just head over to the linkup on Gypsy in Jasper!

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25 Responses to What to Wear: to work

  1. You are so bright and cheerful. I love this outfit. If you were my server, I’d be whispering to all my friends that you’re the most beautiful girl, with the best style. xo

  2. Lauren says:

    That is such a cute outfit! Love it!

  3. Linn says:

    That outfit can forgive any forgotten orders, overcooked vegetables or dirty plates :-)

  4. Oh man, I love that skirt! I agree with Nicole…cutest server ever!

  5. Becky Bedbug says:

    That skirt is stunning!


  6. Adrian says:

    That skirt looks great on you, Lisa! Hey! I have that same polka dot sleeveless blouse!

  7. Lexi says:

    That skirt, my goodness its amazing! Great outfit! =}

  8. Sarah says:

    dah! such a cute outfit!!!

  9. Meanz says:

    So lovely. I adore that skirt, the colors are wonderful.

  10. Katie says:

    wow! Look at the skirt! So wonderful! <3

  11. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    That skirt is so cute – I would wear it every day! :) That is really nice that you can wear whatever you want to work too! :) Wishing you a great weekend, dear! xo

  12. katherine says:

    How fun that you get to wear this to work! I’m lucky to have a workplace where I can wear whatever also. Your outfit is so fun here – I love the colors!

  13. Alyssa says:

    I love everything about this playful outfit! I could wear that cardigan and button up every day and be ok with myself. SO cute together

  14. Shayla says:

    What a fun outfit to wear to work! That’d definitely make me more cheerful. :)

  15. I love it, you definitely must be the most adorable gal at the whole restaurant! The skirt is so fun, what a sweet gift from Adrian! Happy Friday to you!
    xo Hannah

  16. That skirt is absolutely amazing!!

  17. Loulou says:

    Could that skirt be any more fantastic? I think not. What a wonderful piece of attire, and to be given it by a friend is tops it all. I really like how you’ve styled it. Personally, I stand by your self-imposed rule of comfortable footwear. I wonder how some ladies do it. I had a wee giggle yesterday, as I was walking home from a restaurant after dinner. A beautifully dressed woman off to the side of the walkway, bending over as she changed her shoes into flats. I could almost feel her sigh of relief.

  18. Kendall says:

    Cute skirt! I love the colors. And I am the same way with my moccassins: I wear them until they are almost worn through because they are so darn comfortable! Up until last year I had a pair from my freshman year of college (that would be seven years!)

    kendall from buttons & blossoms

  19. Jessica says:

    This skirt is incredible. I wish I worked somewhere where I had freedom!

  20. Taylor says:

    Very cute indeed. I love that you like color as much as I do. The more the better!
    nothing but a pigeon

  21. Alyssa says:

    Omigoodness Lisa, I am in love with this outfit. It is so charming, colorful, and fun! Just the perfect outfit to move around in, feeling comfortable and yourself in! Just so adorable! And that skirt…man, I am envious, it is amazing!


  22. Dus says:

    that skirt is amazing!! & i love how you paired it w/ chambray polka dots, def didnt expect that & it looks great. do your clients compliment you on your outfits? i’d imagine they!

  23. Gabrielle says:

    This is such a cute outfit! Makes me happy just looking at that skirt!

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