What to Wear: pop of color (or colour)


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“Who’s the tomato?”

This outfit reminded me of that line in Gangster Squad when Ryan Gosling’s character first sees Emma Stone’s. That slang stuck around our house- Brian’s bestie (and my good friend of 10 years now) is a ginger so we’re always looking for new nicknames for him. I’m pretty sure he loves it…

This week on What to Wear, we are showing you our favorite pops of color and I think I kind of missed the mark- instead of a “pop” this is more of an “explosion”.

what to wear pop of color


dress & belt: thrifted
tights: We Love Colors
cardigan: Last Chance + DIY collar, buttons, and trim
shoes: Dolce Vita via Last Chance
necklace: vintage


Want to show us your pops of color (or colour, as our friends to the north and across the ponds would say…)? Link up over at Gypsy in Jasper!

Share any fun nicknames for red heads you may have too! ;)

Lena B, Actually
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13 Responses to What to Wear: pop of color (or colour)

  1. I LOVE this outfit. The colour of that dress is perfection. I think I need a pair of those tights. They look so great with this outfit.

  2. andrea says:

    i just love the bright colors (or colours?) :)
    and I haven’t seen that movie yet, but it’s finally on hbogo, so I might have to have a movie night sometime soon!
    happy thursday! -andrea

  3. Marci says:

    That outfit rocks! I’m so in love with that sweater–it was a DIY? For the collar? Way cool!

  4. Lexi says:

    Oh my gosh, this outfit is so perfect! I love the pairing of colors, and I think an explosion of color is way better then a pop!

  5. Kristian says:

    An explosion of fun, perhaps.

  6. Marisa says:

    Nothing wrong with a good old explosion of color in my book :-) This is perfect from head to toe Lisa! I am forever inspired by your color combinations…always so cheerful and sweet!

  7. Ellie says:

    This is such a cute, colorful outfit. Especially love the color of your dress. And your Dulce Vita shoes are great too.

  8. Rachel G says:

    AHHHH!!! Beautiful, this is such a perfect and happy outfit. I love explosions of color. :)

  9. Rebecca says:

    I love how colorful this is! the diy collar on the cardigan really makes it pop!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  10. Donna says:

    You always mix colours in the most daring but perfect ways. The fact that you thrifted that beautiful dress really inspires me to try and build a thrifted wardrobe. I’m joining your colour pop link up although my outfit isn’t as wonderfully daring as yours!

  11. Jessica says:

    This outfit is perfect! I love the colors and contrast between the sweater + dress.

  12. Becky Bedbug says:

    I love the colours. So bright and cheerful!


  13. i love your pop of color here! i think you’ve worn this color combo before and i always say/think the same thing, that i never put these colors together but love it on you!! those shoes are perfect & i love the DIY you did to the cardi, such cute fun touches!

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