What to Wear: in a thunderstorm


what to wear

Right now is monsoon season in Arizona so I actually got to take these pictures on a rainy day, after the thunder had subsided. Last time we did a similar post- what to wear on a rainy day- I had to get a little creative due to never ending sunny skies.

The rain and storms this time of year are a welcomed treat as they cool everything down and give you a break from relentless dry air. It makes the temps just right for reading or drinking a beer on the patio. But don’t get me wrong- it’s still hovers around 90* so a rain jacket would be overkill.


I’ve had this whale print dress for years and it’s still one of my favorite go-tos for summer and layering in the winter. And whales just seemed right for a watery themed post!


dress: Urban Outfitters
top: hand-me-down
scarf: vintage, thrifted
boots: Last Chance


What would you wear during a thunderstorm? If you want to show us, head on over to Gypsy in Jasper to link up!

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14 Responses to What to Wear: in a thunderstorm

  1. Becca says:

    So cute! I love that whale dress. We rarely get thunderstorms in Seattle but I LOVE it when we do!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Lexi says:

    Such a cute outfit! perfect for a stormy day, and I agree the whales are perfect =}

  3. As always, delightful outfit! The whales are too cute and the rubber boots are awesome.

  4. Sarah says:

    ugh, this outfit’s beeeautiful! soso cute. :)

  5. Katrin says:

    This dress is fantastic! I love that there are whales on it!

  6. izzy says:

    Love the outfit dear, hope your having a lovely week :)

  7. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    Love that whale dress, darlin! How appropriate I am now just reading this because that is also a hint for your bday presents: whale. That’s all you are getting.

  8. Ellie says:

    I love rain storms that don’t require a jacket. You look adorable and I love your hair scarf :)

  9. Sarah says:

    Perfect pairings! I love the whale pattern on your dress- can it get any cuter? I hope to get some rain boots this fall. Too cute!

  10. Lisa says:

    Mmm, I love a storm on a hot day. Looking super cute!

  11. Monica says:

    Oh you look so lovely! what a perfect outfit for a storm :)

  12. Marisa says:

    Holy print mixing and headscarf!!! Goodness, you just keep turning out the utterly perfect outfits Lisa! I would surely be wearing a headscarf in a thunderstorm – in fact I just did nearly ever day last week as every afternoon a quick storm would pass through Florida :-)

    xo Marisa

  13. Miki says:

    Hi, Lisa! How are you? I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last visited your blog :/.

    I love, love, love this skirt! :p I wish it rained more in California!

    Keep yourselves safe!


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