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A couple of weeks ago, we went spent the weekend in Tucson celebrating the wedding of good friends. I wore this dress, which has been my favorite, simple re-style to date.

I bought this vintage beaut on Etsy last summer as a maxi dress- with every intention of hemming it. I love the graduating poppy pattern and really hated to cut off the bottom portion, but I saved the fabric for some future project. It was a super easy fix, and made another long dress into something more wearable for me.

vintage poppy dress restyle
dress: vintage- Etsy // shoes: Ruche


Any suggestions of what I should make with the leftover fabric? I would love your input!

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27 Responses to Vintage Poppies…

  1. Becky Bedbug says:

    You are a genius with shortening dresses!


  2. Erin says:

    This dress looks beautiful! And I think you cut it off at just the right length, you totally can’t tell that that’s not how it was intended to be!
    The leftover fabric would make a cute looped scarf (maybe lined in that red-orange?) or maybe even a couple pillows! The big flowers are so cute!


  3. Bekuh says:

    I’m officially obsessed with your dress, soooo cute! If there’s enough length I think you should turn the bottom portion into a skirt.

  4. Laura says:

    Wow, that dress is gorgeous! You’re a total pro! I have so many vintage dresses and skirts I want to alter but I’m too afraid of ruining them.

  5. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    Nice work, darlin! GOD – I need to learn how to hem my skirts/dresses!!! You inspire me so much! This dress is gorgeous! p.s. looked at flights from MN to AZ in June – nothing under $500. :(

  6. Lauren says:

    This is so cute! I love how you can see something promising in a vintage dress. I’m never good at seeing something and figuring out what to do with it.

  7. Lexi says:

    Oh my! That dress is amazing! I think it looks way better shortened. I wish I had your skills! =}

  8. Hannah says:

    That new length really does the trick, it’s so gorgeous and I’m a little jealous inside ;P

    Maybe use the leftover as a scarf? Or maybe hand embroider it, that’s what I do with vintage scrap fabric.

  9. Ashley says:

    Much better than the maxi :) Such a cute print

    xo Ashley

  10. Chelsea says:

    SUCH a good idea to hem it – never ould have thought of hemming that much off of a vintage piece but good call!

  11. jorjiapeach says:

    oh my. you are too cute for your own good.

  12. kim says:

    pillows, or a tote bag, maybe.

  13. Natasha says:

    It looks so good. I actually think the large poppies are a bit too distracting, it’s so nice and delicate with only the small ones. I make handbags, so that was my first thought to do with the bottom part. You could also make a skirt and add some plain black fabric if it’s too short. Or you can add it to a top to make another dress. Or send it to me :P

  14. Kat says:

    Is there enough left to make a skirt? You could just do a simple gathered skirt maybe on a black elastic waistband. It would be quick to make cause you already have the hem done.

  15. Rachel says:

    This dress is so cute! I would turn the leftover fabric into a scarf, or attach some elastic and make it another skirt if it’s long enough!


  16. Vanessa says:

    What a cute dress! I love what you did with it.

    The left over fabric is nice! Maybe make a bag out of it? Or another skirt?

  17. Wow- you did an amazing job with that. Good job! I have so many sewing/hemming projects to work on… so this is making me inspired to actually do them!

  18. Zuley says:

    This is an amazing, easy makeover!

  19. Dus says:

    Lisa you look gorgeous in that dress!! love the cut on the back & such a fun print, great job w/ the hem. & hmm.. could you make a skirt w/ the leftover fabric? that’s just what seems simplest to me actually but a little tank or even a little canvas type bag could be cool too. and of course I LOVE these pics in the desert!

  20. Absolutely perfect!!
    I think the suggestions for a skirt are great, you could also do a large beach tote bag, or pillowcases!

  21. izzy says:

    Super cute dress! Just catching up with your blog now, so much cutest going on ;)

  22. Kaelah Bee says:

    THAT DRESSSSSS!!!!!!! Ahh! I’d totally make some throw pillows or tea towels. Or an apron! Such a gorgeous print xo

  23. I love the short version! Both versions were super cute, but the pattern seems better fitted to the short one. I think a little elastic waist circle skirt would be adorable with the leftover fabric if there’s enough!

  24. Miki says:

    It looks so much better as a short dress! Way more elegant and stylish; you’re so skillful, Lisa!

  25. Bah! You did such a great job with this. I really love the short version. It’s so cute.

    With the leftover fabric, I would make a cute beach bag or something. Just put some thicker fabric on the inside and you’re set!

  26. Loulou says:

    Wow Lisa, that is such a great alteration of this spectacular dress! It looks so nice on you. I love it.

    Maybe you could use the extra fabric to make a little capelet to go with the dress, or to add a punch of pattern and colour to a different outfit.

  27. Cara-Mia says:

    Love how you redid this! Such a lovely dress.

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