the jury is out…


layered bird romper

I’ve already expressed my love of rompers on here and one of my favorite ways to wear them is layered. It definitely makes it more versatile since there’s not many places I go wearing short shorts and the tights help out with that.


romper: F21, a couple years ago
blouse: thrifted
sweater & tights: Last Chance
boots: vintage store
earrings: Buffalo Exchange


I spent my morning on the edge of my seat, I was picked for jury duty today but had to call to see if I was needed. Cue sigh of relief- I was excused. When I was younger I thought jury duty sounded so fun and I just didn’t get why my parents were annoyed to be summoned. Of course, I also liked to spend my nights watching Murder She Wrote or reading Nancy Drew. As an adult, I get it. Between work (with no paid days off) and school, who has time for it? Maybe we should consider teen juries? I feel like it would be way more exciting for them…

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13 Responses to the jury is out…

  1. kim says:

    i still think jury duty sounds really fun, but then i have never been called. my husband thinks this sentiment is nuts.

  2. Katrin says:

    Love your outfit! Such a cute combination!
    I have to say that for me jury duty sounds intersting…but I guess it is just because I am a German and we don’t have things like that.

  3. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    Aww, I love this romper. I have tried many a romper and they are always too small or too big, but I have had my eye out for forever now… I spent the night tagging last night and kept thinking: this would look cute on AZ, this would look cute on AZ…I so wish you could come to the pop-up sale! :) Glad you got out of jury duty love! Also, send me some dates that might work for you and B – I want to get tickets before I start getting overwhelmed with the wedding and turn into bridezilla.

  4. Adrian says:

    Cute outfit! I have some dark green tights similar to those and I never know what to wear them with…I’m totally coping you and wearing them with a navy dress (or maybe a navy romper!!) I was excused from Jury Duty last time that it came up for me too. We’re lucky! :)

  5. Wore Out says:

    I am so jealous that you’re not swaddled in layers like we are here in Vermont! That rompers has the cutest print and it looks adorable with your blouse. I’ve never been called for jury duty but I can’t imagine it would be fun, especially since you have to take time off without pay! We’re actually visiting the Grand Canyon in April and I would love some thrifting tips, I’ve got my heart set on finding a perfectly worn pair of cowboy boots!

  6. Zuley says:

    OH I don’t like rompers. They just don’t fit my body. But it fits yours. *jealous*

  7. izzy says:

    I love this romper outfit, sorry about the jury duty, I was called for it in the Fall here in Montreal I am so glad I was not chosen, it was for a 2 year long thing. ouf!!

    I hope yours is more fun :) I miss Last chance so much!

  8. Jessica says:

    I’ve yet to fall into love with rompers…mostly because I pee too much, but anyways, I love this one on you. It’s so cute and works so well in winter.

    I’ve never been called for jury duty and I feel like I’d be so mad if I did! Here’s to hoping it never does happen! Glad you got excused!

  9. Marisa says:

    Phew – that was a close one. I have never once been called in for duty, though I vote and everything. Knock on wood. I’d like to keep it that way :-)

    Anyhow, this romper is too perfect for words. I love how you layered it up – something I never think of doing with mine. So pretty Lisa!

  10. Every year I get that dreaded jury duty summons…and every year I’m able to get out of it because I home school my boys :D
    I love rompers, but there is no way I could wear them, they’d keep crawling up between my legs…not a good look :/ They look great on you though!!!

  11. Kendall says:

    Love the way you styled the romper, makes me think I need to get one that I can layer and wear all year ’round!

    kendall from buttons & blossoms

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