cacti and croquet…


southwest arizona skirt

By now you’re probably picking up on the theme of my summer style- tank top + skirt or dress, hair up, and a head scarf. With the Phoenix heat I reach for easy, light-weight clothes and never have my hair down. I rely more on thrifted scarves in the summer, I think to make my ponytail not feel as boring to me. Also, it helps add some color since layering and tights are out of the question.

I rely on novelty prints to keep the summer interesting!

southwest skirt

vintage scarf

Who new a tank top from a store I never shop at would end up becoming a summer favorite?

top- American Eagle, last spring
skirt thrifted, handmade and I’m pretty sure it’s vintage…
shoes- Urban Outfitters, sooooo long ago!
necklace- birthday gift
scarf- thrifted
croquet set- thrifted

vintage croquet

And in Canadian news-

One of Brian’s photos from flickr’s ‘Roid Week was featured in an article on CBC news! Scroll down and you’ll see a familiar shot from the passport camera

Also… if you live anywhere near Toronto, I hope you’re going to this Pyrex sale this weekend!!

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10 Responses to cacti and croquet…

  1. cb says:

    i really love that top as well, it looks so great on you! the print on your skirt is also super cute, i love me a good novelty print too. that is awesome about brian’s picture! way to go!

  2. Becky Bedbug says:

    That skirt is so adorable!


  3. That skirt is adorable! I love the print! That’s so cool that the photograph of you is being featured on CBS news!! So cool!

  4. Cara-Mia says:

    Such a cute outfit! That top is so cute – I never shop there either! Now I wish I did haha.

    Oh wow, that Pyrex sale sounds AMAZING. It’s probably for the best that I am no where near that.

  5. Jupe says:

    I have been desperately needing a cute crop top/bustier this summer…want yours!!! And the skirt is lovely.

    <3 Cambria

  6. Bekuh says:

    I seriously love that skirt, like I’ll buy it off of you love it haha. You’re too adorable for words.

  7. Amanda A says:

    Hey beautiful lady! I am back. I hope you’ve had a wonderful two weeks. It is so weird to be back at my desk instead of tromping through Europe! I am so happy to be home though. And, of course, I can’t NOT comment on this outfit — the cactus skirt is perfection my love. xo

  8. Damianne says:

    These photo’s are wonderfull! Your skirt is so lovely and I love the way you did your hair!


  9. you certainly found a great simple summer look! I love how the scarf brightens things up & adds to a messy bun, I really should do that more often since my hair’s up almost all the time too. Absolutely love that skirt & the crocheting is a fun touch too. So exciting for Brian!!

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