Summer and fall

As the seasons change, as much as I always get excited for summer to end here in the desert, I try to relish the final days of what summer has to offer. Of course I’m excited for cooler temps, wearing layers, switching to hot coffee from iced, and gorging myself on butternut squash everything. But there is something to be said for the ease of summer style, just throwing on a simple outfit and piling on accessories.

Maybe it has something to do with getting older and trying to relish time more than you do as a teenager. I know I spent a lot of years just anticipating the future, and that is still my natural tendency. I have to work to make myself stop and live in the moment.

Even though September never seems like the best month for me, I do enjoy getting the best of both worlds. Warm days but cooler nights, and that window where it seems like a good idea to buy a six pack of both summer AND fall beer ;)


This dress seems like the epitome of the summer/fall crossover- it’s the perfect sundress but with the colors of autumn. I’ve had it for at least 5 years but recently re-discovered it when cleaning out my closet. I did a dress rotation grocery store style, and some neglected pieces are now the first thing I see in there.

dress: F21- over 5 yrs ago…
shoes, hat, purse: thrifted
necklace: Last Chance


I didn’t want to break any blogger rules by not talking about fall- so there ya go, my two cents. Are you savoring the last days of summer or are you all about fall?

Have you entered the Kitchenaid giveaway yet? Just think of all the holiday treats you can make with that bad boy!

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11 Responses to Orange.

  1. SUPER cute outfit! F21 needs to bring back more dresses like this!

    ? Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  2. Lexi says:

    That dress is all around perfect for transitioning into fall, so cute!
    I am definitely savoring the last moments of summer, but unfortunately where I live it’s more fall like then summer.

  3. Corina Nika says:

    That’s such an adorable outfit!
    Looks so cute on you :)

  4. Salvaged Strawberry says:

    mmmmmmm……..butternut squash….yes! And I agree – this is the perfect transition dress. Oh and we got a kitchenaid mixer for our shower and it’s mint green and I love it so much. we cuddle at night.

  5. Polly Bland says:

    aww what a fun and colorful outfit! I love it! Your hair is so beautiful beachy surfer girl! Hope you are well, my dear!

    love, polly

  6. Helen says:

    What a cute stripy dress! I love the patch pockets too. We’re suddenly in the middle of Autumn in the UK, unpleasantly damp and dark

  7. Ellie says:

    What a great orange dress. You look too cute :)

    I can definitely relate to the feeling of enjoying the end of summer and beginning of fall at the same time. And I love the part you said about being able to buy both summer and fall seasonal beers haha, that’s the best. I’m definitely getting into fall way earlier this year than most past years through pumpkin beers and candy corn but am not quite ready to put on tights or knee high socks yet.

  8. Kristian says:

    Ha! I was literally just talking to my husband about feeling like I need to apperciate the time/season it is more and not hurry into fall (though it has turned suddenly cold and rainy which seems more fall like to me), and then here you are reminding me of the same thing :)

    I like this dress and think it is a smart way to make sure some of your less worn pieces get love.

  9. Jessica says:

    This dress has the best color palette and the bow is so sweet. It’s perfect with your hat! I can’t wait to see how you style it for the warmer months too!

  10. You look adorable! I actually quickly scrolled to the outfit details because I had almost the EXACT same dress from F21 years ago and have no clue where it went! I think it was the same color stripes and everything in a slightly different cut, not I miss it!
    I’m so happy you enjoyed your trip to Colorado, I wish we could have met up! Snooze is in Boulder too and its one of my FAVORITES! I get some sort of breakfast tacos there and a bloody mary, YUM!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah

  11. Elana says:

    This dress is absolutely adorable! It really is the perfect summer to fall dress!

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