London calling…


I’m about to share a pretty exciting thrift store find. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you’ve already heard the news but… I found Doc Martens at Goodwill!

vintage plaid doc martens

A few years ago, I donated my trusty, worn-in black pair because I thought I was over them. They’d been there for me for years of working at the video store but I was ready to move on. I kinda regretted it, so I was super happy to find these in my size for $7.99!
vintage plaid doc martens

You may remember my recent adventure with the tripod? Well this was our second date and although it went a little better but he still caught me at a lot of akward moments…
vintage doc martens

They are perfect for stomping around the alley…

vintage plaid doc martens

shirt- vintage
jeans- F21
belt- came with a F21 dress
shoes- thrifted Doc Martens

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5 Responses to London calling…

  1. Miki says:

    Major score! I’ve never owned a pair of Doc Martens, but love the way they look.

    Hope you’re having a great week! :)

  2. chantilly says:

    awesome score, lisa!! those docs look like they were made to be on your feet :)

  3. Jenna says:

    Super cute! I’m SO excited for you that you found these winners. They look like they were made for you! PS – So I’m starting to use a new cat litter…I have heard some pretty amazing things about (no joke) The World’s Best Cat Litter. Right now Target has it on sale (with an instant 2 dollar rebate on the bag) so I figured I’d give it a go. I’m hoping for good things!

  4. Amanda A says:

    Gah! Grass! Sunshine! You have no idea what I wouldn’t give for some sunshine! Wish you coul tromp through the snow we have here with those cute boots! Nice find! :)

  5. Lucky you, I’m so glad you found these!! They fit you perfectly & that pattern & blue is great.

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