It’s Time for Eco-Fashion…


Sprout Eco Watches

In honor of Earth Day last year, I did a post on some easy ways to live more eco-consciously around the home. Number one was thrifting, which you all know is my favorite way to shop.

I also love supporting eco-friendly companies, and was really excited to hear about Sprout Watches via Hannah and Dus. These two ladies are amazing in their environmental efforts, both work in the environmental field, and live a green lifestyle.



Sprout has eco-chic nailed. Instead of plastic, corn-resin is used to make many of the watches- so they are durable and made from a biodegradable, renewable resource! How cool is that?

One of the watches I chose has a cork band. Cork is a highly sustainable material and harvesting the bark not only doesn’t harm the tree, but actually helps it. Having worked in wine bars for 10 years, I’ve opened thousands of wine bottles and been around a lot of corks. I thought it would be fun to wear some too :)

The packaging is really great and is made with recycled materials. As a graphic designer, I must say I love their logo, typography, and package design!

Sprout Eco Watches


watches: c/o Sprout Watches
shirt, shoes, scarf, belt: thrifted
skirt: vintage, Grow-op


This Earth Day (April 22nd!) marks the 3 year anniversary of Sprout Watches and they are celebrating with an Eco-Vacation giveaway including a 4-night, 5-day stay at the Viceroy Resort in Snowmass, CO and airfare for 2! To enter, like Sprout Watches on Facebook to get the details of their Pinterest contest. Now go enter!

Watches were courtesy of Sprout Watches but all opinions are 100% mine!
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8 Responses to It’s Time for Eco-Fashion…

  1. Dus says:

    so awesome you contacted them! & how awesome that you got not one but two beautiful watches, I’ll have to hear about that in person. & to reply to your reply haha I’d love to meet up for coffee soon! well, actually the 27th eve or later because I just realized today I have a final that soon… oops. I love the cork watch too, really such an awesome idea to use bark & of course your colorful outfit : )

  2. Marisa says:

    A cork band on a watch!!! My hubs LOVES watches – I’m going to have to see if they make these for men, b/c I know he would want one in a heartbeat. His collection is rather excessive…haha.

    You look gorgeous Lisa. Could this outfit be any more perfect for summer! You look like you belong in a garden :-). Love it!


  3. katherine says:

    what an awesome idea – t’s really neat to see more people thinking of products this way. live cycle is very, very important – and these watches are so well thought out!

    I love your skirt also – the colors you wear are always so fun!

  4. Lauren says:

    You look so super cute in that outfit. And that mint watch is super cute!

  5. Becky Bedbug says:

    I love the scarf in your hair!


  6. Miki says:

    Eco-friendly and fashionable? Yes, please!

  7. Zuley says:

    Love the minty look. And anything that is better for the environment. Go re-used items!

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