I made it!!


second hand pledge

Remember the second hand pledge from last spring? Well, guess what? I MADE IT! This shopaholic went 5 whole months without buying new clothes or shoes. In all honesty, I really can’t believe how fast it went. Really makes you realize how fast life is whizzing by- but that’s a whole other post…

So maybe you’re wondering what I learned from this experience, or maybe if it really taught me anything?

I definitely got a lot out of this! Although it wasn’t the main goal- I saved a whole lotta money. It’s impossible to put a figure on it but those $30, $50, $70 impulse shopping trips definitely add up. By not even glancing in the clothing direction at Target, I got out of there every time with just the necessities on my list. Okay, and maybe a giant box of Cheez-Its, but that should’ve been on the list in the first place…

We are creatures of habit and sometimes those are bad habits. We also have will power and can BREAK bad habits- even though it’s daunting and not easy. Although I didn’t do anything amazing here, I broke what felt like a bad habit to me. I was still shopping at the thrift stores and I was still able to satisfy my new-to-me clothing cravings. BUT, I don’t have to feel guilty about that because it’s giving life to something thrown out. Plus, with my fickle tastes, I don’t have to feel guilty about wearing something thrifted only a few times and re-donating it if I want!

There were a few times it wasn’t easy, like when I wanted a new bathing suit or saw a cute t-shirt on Etsy but I made it and feel really good about not cheating.

So what’s the plan now??

I want to continue to mostly thrift but allow myself to add in purchases that are handmade or from independent retailers. There’s no more pledge but anything else should be bought with intention and given thought too. I may have to allow myself a few new splurges as a reward :)

Thanks to my friend Amanda for joining in on this! We made it, girl!

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13 Responses to I made it!!

  1. Suzanne says:

    Yay! You did it! I love that you made that commitment AND stuck with it, Lisa!

    Now go out and buy something fabulous – you earned it. :)

  2. Jessa says:

    Congrats! I should really give this a try too, but I’m not quite ready.
    Also, what IS it about Cheez-Its? I see them and lose all control.

  3. Miki says:

    Congrats, Lisa! I’m sure it must be hard at times to not give in to temptation! And you’re totally right, it IS possible to break bad habits ;).

    You made me laugh when you mentioned Cheez-Its, hahaha! I always see them at the grocery store, but have never tried them.

    Have a great week! ;D

  4. Kat says:

    Yay! Congrats on completing your challenge. What a great accomplishment. I would like to start buying more thrift store and handmade clothes. Most of what I buy is vintage but I still get sucked in by the retail stores.

  5. Cara-Mia says:

    Congratulations! That’s actually pretty difficult, so way to go! :)

  6. Amanda A says:

    I really can’t believe it’s been five months! That is insane, really. Last night, I was browsing through the LL Bean catalogue, I may have ordered C flannel lined jeans last xmas so they keep sending us catalogues. ANYWHO – I looked through and their boots were $200…shirts were $79…I yelled to C: WHO BUYS THIS?! After our commitment to second-hand only, I cannot imagine to buying anything full price again. It’s the hunt and the dig and the adventure that makes it FUN and it’s green and we save a shit ton of $$. I am committed to staying second hand at least 95% of the time. And I agree with you, that when everything you buy is second hand, you can toss something in the donate bin and not feel guilty. I can be finnicky persnickety too. SOmetimes I get sick of something after I wear it once. Anyway, sorry for this novel, but I am so proud of you, and I think we did a great job! xoxoxo

    • lalafauxbois says:

      It’s definitely changed my outlook on what’s a reasonable price :) Thanks for joining in with me, it definitely helped to have a team mate! Plus the goodies you sent helped cure my shopping urges :)

  7. Congrats! I too love the thrill of the thrift-store hunt! And you always looks so “put-together” (and super cute!) so I don’t think you suffered in style at all during this little adventure!

  8. This is so cool, congrats girl! I usually only buy second hand, but the change of season is definitely when I am most likely to make those impulse buys because I haven’t seen something in a while- like OOOH BOOTS! But almost anything can be found second hand if you just are willing to be patient. Five months is SO good I don’t know if I could do it!
    Hope you’re having a great day!
    xo Hannah

  9. jorjiapeach says:

    i love this. good job. who needs new clothes when everything you could ever want can be stumbled upon at a thrift store?? except maybe underwear.. yikes.

  10. Arielle says:

    Kudos to you! I know, Target tempts me too but I’m just so cheap that thrifting is all I allow myself haha.
    That’s so cool that you and your friend completed it!

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