Candy Colors



For someone who doesn’t paint her fingernails very often, it’s funny that I’d have an outfit that started with the nail polish. But I obviously love these colors together as they are awfully close to my blog header…

vintage ladybug skirt

skirt: available in my shop
top: thrifted
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
apple belt: super old


I really can’t get enough of these shoes this summer and I would understand if you were sick of seeing them by now. These Swedish Hasbeens were a beginning of summer splurge, and while I kept telling myself I should play it safe with a neutral color, I really had my heart set on the red. I’ve even surprised myself with how much I’ve had to wear them with and don’t regret it one bit. Of course that means I still need to add a neutral pair to my closet soon, but this time I’m stalking ebay. I am convinced I will get lucky…

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15 Responses to Candy Colors

  1. Serli says:

    Your outfit is adorable! And your nails are perfect. So appropriate for summertime :)

  2. Ellie says:

    Love those shoes! I’ve been really wanting a pair of swedish hasbeens. Glad to hear that they are worth the splurge :)

  3. Marisa says:

    Yes LOVE those shoes! I’ve been the same way with shoes this summer….I have this pair of vintage huaraches that I am wearing to death.

    Adorable outfit per always. I love how the skirt looks like it has lady bugs on it. Another perfect vintage find darling!


  4. Mariah says:

    I think red is as classic a shoe color as black. Good for you taking a chance! And I love this cute outfit! And those are some fun nails you’re rockin’ :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  5. Kristian says:

    Red shoes always surprise me with how versatile they are. This is one of my favorite outfits from you- that skirt is pretty and happy and fun- and so is the belt!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Bright nails are perfect for summery weather. Love the skirt!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  7. Jen says:

    that skirt is adorable!!

  8. Ashley says:

    Your nails look so cute! I rarely paint mine as well, I always chip them immediately after I paint them. I can’t believe this skirt is in your shop, it looks like it was made for you! Definitely giving you some props, I’d be too weak and keep it for myself :).

  9. Taylor says:

    You always have such fun and wionderful print and color combos on! I love your style girlie! I’m totally giong to paint my nails different colors… I haven’t done all of them different shades like that since I was little.

  10. megan says:

    Ah, the hasbeens are so pretty in red! Such a cute outfit, love that you have signature colors. A cute outfit to match a cute blog design, love it!


  11. your hair is so beautiful!!! It’s been too long since I’ve visited your blog ahh! Beautiful. Have a fabulous day, darling.

    love, polly

  12. This is such a cute look! I’m loving all of the colors together :D

    I definitely played favorites with my own sandals for months. It’s just so comfy!

  13. char says:

    such a cute outfit and matches your nails perfectly.

  14. you are such a cutie Lisa! That belt is just the icing on the cake & that skirt is awesome. I find red shoes so much more versatile than I usually imagine also, and esp w/ all the fun colors you wear I think they were a good pick!

  15. Katie says:

    That skirt is so fun! I love the shape of it so much, and ladybugs? Adorable! I need to go check out your shop now :)

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